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60 Dreamcatcher Tattoos to Keep Bad Dreams Away

The origin of the dreamcatcher is old and it has lost its true meaning over time. This has happened because people started to manufacture dreamcatchers in commercial purposes. Although the dreamcatchers available on the market these days are beyond beautiful and eye-catching, not all of them fulfill the ancestral requirements. Dreamcatcher tattoos are very diversified, but sadly they don’t have the power to keep bad dreams away unless you truly believe in them.

Also considered a medicine wheel, the dreamcatcher has the power to filter unnecessary and bad dreams and only allow the good ones to go through. Those who use the magic powers of a dreamcatcher benefit of harmony throughout their lives. It’s also said that dreamcatchers must be made out of natural materials, not synthetic ones. So, I guess dreamcatcher tattoos are okay because the ink is plant-based.

Dreamcatcher tattoos go from black and white to very colorful and they may be located on large skin portions like one’s back or on small skin portions like one’s wrist. Some people choose them because they mean something to them and they are a great way to decorate their bodies, while others think of something very specific. You’ll see numerous combinations of arrangements and patterns, not only variations in size.

1. A dreamcatcher like a seal


Do you remember how people used to seal their letters by using hot wax and an awesome ring? I think this tattoo looks like it’s been attached to the skin, not inked in it.

2. Catching dreams with one’s ankle


Dreamcatcher tattoos that feature a simple design are suited for wrists and ankles. This one is black and white and has 3 hanging feathers.

3. Complex dreamcatcher with blue feathers


Blue is a color that presents Father Sky and all that lives in the sky. Rib tattoos are generous and filled with details thanks to the available space.

4. Dreamcatcher with beads


Dreamcatcher tattoos are very different. Some contain beads, while others contain multiple circles. The beads are usually made of seed or carved wood, but the materials are irrelevant in case f tattoos.

5. Infinite dream catching


A black and white design, this one looks like it’s hanging from this girl’s neck. Considering its original purpose and usage, this is a loyal representation of a dreamcatcher.

6. Ganesha combined with a dreamcatcher


These two symbols don’t really have anything in common. However, this design flatters both parts. The choice in colors is very inspired and the location as well.

7. Catching dreams with the smell of roses


The webbing of this realistic design looks almost like a spider’s web. In fact, that’s how it’s supposed to look because the spider is seen as the brother of life that is constantly working on repairing the web of life.

8. Dreamcatcher with a Peacock’s feather


It’s said that peacocks have one of the most beautifully colored feathers, so this woman’s choice is understandable. She has also included other symbols in her side tattoo, making it more complex.

9. Dreamcatcher shaped like a horseshoe


In a way, dreamcatcher tattoos may bring luck, but when you combine them with another symbol for luck, namely the horseshoe, then you’ll get double lucky! Another successful side tattoo for women!

10. Concentric dreamcatcher on back


While this dreamcatcher maintains the original idea of a circle and webbing, it isn’t the type that you could hang, but spread on a table or, on the back as a tattoo. The yin/yang addition doesn’t really fit the idea, but looks nice anyway.

11. Catching dreams minus the spider web


Dreamcatcher tattoos may be personalized, that’s why you won’t see any alike. This one for example, is very graphic and fitted on one’s wrist. It doesn’t feature the customary spider web, but looks good enough to catch bad dreams.

12. Dreamcatcher tattoos on back


Dreamcatcher tattoos can be combined with various symbols, especially if they are located on someone’s back because that allows complexity. This girl went for symbols that all speak of spirituality. The dotwork is impressive!

13. Wolf, roses and a dreamcatcher


Considering the Native-American culture, the wolf is a sacred animal that belongs next to a dreamcatcher. The roses are explainable since this tattoo is on a girl’s thigh. However, those aren’t going to keep her protected from bad dreams.

14. Color burst on a dreamcatcher


The hoop of willow is nicely represented thanks to the realistic approach. This, however, cannot be said about the tiny hearts that hang from the feathers. Those are matched with the rose above the dreamcatcher. An interesting design with lots of colors in it!

15. Splashes of color for a dreamer


A self-declared dreamer, this woman opted for splashes of color for her dreamcatcher tat. She didn’t back off from using all the colors of the rainbow and the result is worth pots of gold!

16. Three-beaded dreamcatcher design


Inked using a technique called brushstrokes, this dreamcatcher is a little on the conservative side. It contains three beads and the webbing looks almost like a spider web, so she gets points for being accurate.

17. Puffy feathers and color touches


Dreamcatcher tattoos are visually impressive when they are embellished with touches of color and various effects. This particular tattoo comprises puffy feathers and a background made of warm and cold color touches.

18. White ink dreamcatcher


White ink dreamcatcher tattoos aren’t very popular, but you have to admit it looks amazing on this girl’s arm. The white ink used is so opaque, that it makes me want to try it as soon as possible!

19. Heart-shaped dreamcatcher on foot


The reason why the classic dreamcatcher is round is because it represents the shape of the Earth, the Moon and the Sun. While heart-shaped dreamcatchers are a pleasure to look at, they will not work when it comes to keeping bad dreams away.

20. Simple dreamcatcher tattoo


This dreamcatcher tattoo design is almost minimalist. If it weren’t for the feathers, which are pretty detailed, I would’ve said this belongs to the minimalist tattoos category. Simple is sometimes more expressive than complex.

21. Colored forearm dreamcatcher


Nicely fitted on this girl’s arm, this dreamcatcher tattoo is graceful and contains excellent details and use of color. Almost everything about this tat looks Native-American, which is great.

22. The eye that stops the dreams


This feminine tattoo is a work of art! All the details are delicately inked and that eye seems like it is the opening to the Universe. Much more than dreamcatcher tattoos, these masterpieces are worth paying for!

23. Geometrical dreamcatcher on ankle


Everything about this design seems measured. It is inked with an admirable precision following a well-thought design. The feathers look puffy, but other than that everything is calculated inch by inch.

24. A hippie-looking dreamcatcher


There is something about dreamcatcher tattoos that look so superfluous. They make me think of hippies, summer, wind and freedom. What do you think about when you look at this one?

25. A dreamcatcher with talismans


Dreamcatchers have certain protective powers if they are done right. In addition, their powers can be amplified or completed with the help of talismans. I’m not sure what this talisman is for, but it looks important!

26. Dreamcatcher sketch drenched in watercolors


Among the most original dreamcatcher tattoos, this one comprises the sketch of a dreamcatcher and watercolor effects. This is how painting on skin looks like and why it’s gaining more and more popularity lately!

27. Sunflowers, butterflies and a dreamcatcher


A composition made of sunflowers, butterflies and a dreamcatcher, this tattoo occupies a woman’s side. It spreads all over her ribs and hip contouring her body shape nicely.

28. Dreamcatcher on a red background


While there’s nothing out of the ordinary at this dreamcatcher, its background is. Red and looking like it’s slowly moving in circles, this background adds a little mystery to this whole image.

29. Nape of the neck dreamcatcher


Women tend to opt for dreamcatcher tattoos more than men. However, this is a dreamcatcher tattoo placed on a man’s nape of the neck. The design itself is manly thanks to the thick lines and the 3D effects that attract men’s technical eye.

30. Dreamcatcher with simple webbing


Professional dreamcatcher manufacturers would strongly disapprove the simple webbing on this tattoo. This is because bad dreams can easily sneak in in such big holes. Other than that, it looks pretty neat!

31. Mother Earth is heart-shaped


The ring situated in the middle of the dreamcatcher represents Mother Earth. By changing it with the shape of a heart, this girl isn’t considered humble anymore. Even so, her faith in the Great Spirit might not be disturbed.

32. Tiny dreamcatcher on foot


As previously mentioned, dreamcatcher tattoos may come in all sizes. This one is tiny and it is located on someone’s foot. It is shaped like a heart and it has 3 hanging feathers.

33. Vintage-looking dreamcatcher tattoo


The ribs and the thighs are favored body places by women who opt for dreamcatcher tattoos. This one is located slightly higher than this girl’s hip, but it is special because of another reason. It comes with a vintage look expressed through colors and design too.

34. Subtle behind the ear dreamcatcher


This tattoo is arguably a neck tattoo or a behind the ear tattoo. It is not as small as standard behind the ear tattoos, but it doesn’t cover this lady’s neck either. I think it accentuates her femininity and it follows the original design as well.

35. Dreamcatcher with charms


Another rib tattoo, this one reveals a dreamcatcher that has multiple charms connected to it. Some of them replace the big feathers that are usually part of this design.

36. Large dreamcatcher on thigh


Thigh tattoos are very sexy because they cannot be entirely seen and because they accentuate a body part that is highly sensual. This one is black and white and it couldn’t look better otherwise!

37. Classic dreamcatcher on a girl’s scapula


The feathers of a dreamcatcher are meant for cleansing. When a bad dream is caught in the web, it goes away through the feathers. The moment of the day when that happens is the morning.

38. Dreamcatcher with ornamental beads


This dreamcatcher design features ornamental beads. The place where it is inked is very popular, being among most women’s choice.

39. Dreamcatcher next to candy skull


For the sake of symmetry, this girl got same-sized tattoos on her thighs. One is a candy skull and the other one is a dreamcatcher. The latter is excellent because of the color palette and fantasy inking.

40. Nicely highlighted dreamcatcher


Dreamcatcher tattoos aren’t all this highlighted. I think that’s a nice effect given by the usage of white ink, but it wouldn’t be suited for all kinds of dreamcatcher tattoos.

41. Blue-feathered dreamcatcher design


Another side tattoo consisting of a dreamcatcher, this one has blue, long feathers. Blue is a color that represents the sky, including Star Nation and Creation.

42. Simplified dreamcatcher on skin

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Also taken from the Native American heritage, these symbols are meant to replace the typical elements of a dreamcatcher. I have to admit that this version is very appealing for minimalism fans, including me.

43. The multi-feathered dreamcatcher


A multi-feathered dreamcatcher is supposed to get rid of the bad dreams faster. When it is under the form of a tattoo, it is supposed to look rich, beautiful and to have an impact on the viewer, not just the wearer.

44. Centered dreamcatcher on the back


A ring accompanied by 3 other rings and 4 feathers is a good idea for a back tattoo. Although it would be hard to incorporate in a bigger picture, it looks pretty cool by itself.

45. Yin Yang shaped dreamcatcher


Dreamcatcher tattoos often contain the yin yang symbol because the good dreams and the bad dreams represent duality, which is exactly what yin and yang stand for.

46. A superflue dreamcatcher design


Isn’t it amazing how some tattoo artists are able to make things look like they are floating or like wind is blowing in their direction? This is exactly the effect I’m talking about. The color gradation from orange to yellow is notable as well!

47. Scapula dreamcatcher on girl


Depending on how the feathers flow from the main circle, the dreamcatcher may be positioned on the center of the back, or on the side like in this picture. She surely has more ideas for her other side of the back, so the image will soon be complete.

48. Powerfully highlighted catcher of dreams


When you want to obtain an effect that contains reflections, you have to add white. The portions where white was added are very obvious in this tattoo. The delimitation between white, gray and black is also obvious.

49. Thick and thin, empty and filled


Based on the same principle as yin and yang, this dreamcatcher has thick and thin lines, as well as a filled circle and an empty circle.

50. The Universe in a dreamcatcher


The Great Spirit is everywhere and in everything. What better way to express that than filling dreamcatchers with the image of constellations and Earth’s beauties?

51. Dreamcatcher like a back necklace


Judging by the way this tattoo flows on this lady’s back, it seems she wanted a necklace made out of a dreamcatcher to embellish her back.

52. Not all those who wander are lost


Dreamcatcher tattoos aren’t often accompanied by lettering, but when they do, the lettering is smartly embedded into the design.

53. Pretty dreamcatcher with a ribbon


What is special about this dreamcatcher tattoo, is the red ribbon above it. It gives it a note of childish, which might be representative for its wearer.

54. Big feathered dreamcatcher


Typically, dreamcatchers are 3 to 5 inches across. However, as tattoos, they can be any size and shape the wearer wants.

55. Dreamcatcher and the conscious mind


The dreamcatcher governs the unconscious mind, while tattoos are an option of the conscious mind. Even so, they meet somewhere in between and generate lovely tattoos.

56. With the help of the animal kingdom


Various animals are considered sacred and their powers are adorned. This is why some people include animal skulls or the portrait of animals in their dreamcatcher tattoos.

57. Spiky purple and green feathers


Just look at how spiky these feathers are! They make me think of the electrification process. However, the colors are vibrant and fashionable! The beads are missing, but this shouldn’t be a problem for a simple tattoo.

58. A little girl’s dreamcatcher design


All those colorful beads and the way the feathers are tinted make me think of a little girl’s imagination. An original view over dreamcatcher tattoos, this one looks effective!

59. Dreamcatcher filled with plants


Whoever has replaced and rethought this classic design was inspired to make this dreamcatcher look like it’s part of an array of plants. Even the feathers look like leaves and that’s fantastic! It could easily trick the eye!

60. A girly dreamcatcher


What gave this tattoo away wasn’t this woman’s face, but the heart that looks like it’s made of diamonds. Her choice when it comes to colors leaves no mystery either. Even so, this arm tattoo is realistic to the point of no return. All the elements are mixed in a good manner.

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