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77 Forearm Tattoos as More than Fashion Statements

Forearm tattoos are mostly considered fashion statements because they are really easy to notice. According to some people, those who get tattoos with meaning and they are not meant for show off, do not choose such a visible body part as the forearm. Despite this belief, the truth is that forearm tattoos can be part of sleeves that actually tell a story, or they can be about something that you’d gladly look at every day.

Forearm tattoos are very diversified. You will not see the same design over and over again. As for the tattooing style, it is just as different as in case of other types of tattoos. In addition, the forearm is not a painful place to get inked on. So, as you can see, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get forearm tattoos! On the contrary, it is a great choice in placement due to many reasons!

1. The wise owl in gray

forearm-tattoos- 04101525

Greeks used to look up to the owl because they considered it a symbol of wisdom, intelligence and wealth. In time, this beautiful nocturnal animal was associated with death. However it serves simply as a spirit guide. Tattooed in gray, it looks as mighty as it’s supposed to look.

2. Modern graphic design in red

forearm-tattoos- 0410151

Those tattooing styles that appeared recently are considered modern. They aren’t called differently yet, but in time they will certainly have a better denomination. This red, graphic tattoo is divided in two forearm tattoos.

3. Write your wisdom in Sanskrit

forearm-tattoos- 0410159

Sanskrit is considered a philosophical language. It is both sacred and it holds a lot of wisdom. Forearm tattoos that contain some kind of writing are very popular among both men and women.

4. A skull inked in half

forearm-tattoos- 04101510

Forearm tattoos that are divided in two are meant to create a cool effect for when you bring both forearms together. This half skull is probably part of a bigger picture that is not finished yet. The details are amazing and not thorough at all!

5. A stag embracing perfection

forearm-tattoos- 04101511

An anatomically correct portrait of a stag, this one is a combination between classic and modern lines, as well as dotwork. The circle made of dots is an important part of this design.

6. The clock that knows it all

forearm-tattoos- 04101512

Forearm tattoos often hold clues about one’s beliefs. As you can see, this person is fascinated by Illuminati and the notion of time. A simple looking tattoo, it also features a rugged dotwork.

7. The flower of life

forearm-tattoos- 04101513

Forearm tattoos are not all fashion statements even if they are ornamental. This design might look ornamental only, but it refers to the flower of life and contains elements of sacred geometry.

8. The stained wolf portrait

forearm-tattoos- 04101514

The blue area from this wolf’s face is definitely not a stain, but something more profound. However, since there’s no way of knowing for sure, we can think of the wolf as a symbol of intelligence, loyalty and communication. Forearm tattoos tend to heal nicely too!

9. Embodied femininity and a rose

forearm-tattoos- 04101515

Portraits of women are common tattoo designs. They could be important persons in someone’s life or they can be random examples of beauty. What could go better with such a good portrait than a rose? Black and white tattoos have a certain depth.

10. The outline of the world’s map

forearm-tattoos- 04101516

It isn’t long since people started this trend. Having the outline of the world inked is considered really cool. I agree! Do you? Forearms tattoos like this one are simple, but very concise at the same time.

11. Your forearm as wing

forearm-tattoos- 04101517

You’ll see wings tattooed on various body parts. I think they are most fitted on one’s back, but I have to say this forearm wing isn’t less cool either! It looks pretty realistic!

12. Ta moko by Maori

forearm-tattoos- 04101518

Maori are people from New Zeeland who do Ta moko, which is their body inking art. The design above is Maori and it couldn’t be done differently than in black.

13. Faith gives one hope

forearm-tattoos- 04101520

Birds are often used as symbols for hope and to represent faith. This woman chose to do both, emphasizing the main idea. Inked in just black, the birds spread nicely on her forearm.

14. A psychedelic fish

forearm-tattoos- 04101532

When you chose the outline of a fish and fill it with geometrical figures, you might get a pretty trippy result! An original idea for forearm tattoos, I bet this design looks great when this person swims!

15. The flaming sound of a guitar

forearm-tattoos- 04101533

Guitars are beloved instruments by many people. Some like to play guitar while others just like to listen to it. There’s another category of people who also like to have it inked under various forms of forearm tattoos.

16. The sturdy sword of Saran

forearm-tattoos- 04101534

Swords are manly, so it only makes sense this man got it inked. I’m not sure about Saran and its connection with the sword. It has something to do with the Indian culture. This design looks unfinished, but it’s still good among all the forearm tattoos out there.

17. Colored hot air balloon

forearm-tattoos- 04101535

Representing someone’s need to fly away or to see the surroundings from a certain height, the hot air balloon is also a very romantic ride. Forearm tattoos consisting in hot air balloons aren’t common, so take a good look!

18. Ribcage, roses and whatnot

forearm-tattoos- 04101536

Forearm tattoos can be part of sleeves. This is an example of how forearms look when they are partially tattooed with various elements that mean something. The flowers mean she is a flower enthusiast who sees beauty in nature.

19. Ride ’til death

forearm-tattoos- 04101537

Forearm tattoos may serve as tribute tattoos as well. Probably inked in the memory of someone who died riding, this one is an emotional expression with red, eye-catching accents.

20. The owls and the flowering tree

forearm-tattoos- 04101538

When you see a flowering tree, you have an extra reason to smile. When you see a flowering tree and two owls on it, you have two extra reasons to smile. This is a positive tattoo, even if the colors look like they are fading away.

21. Forearm writing in Gibberish

forearm-tattoos- 04101539

Can you tell what this person got inked on his forearms? I’m not sure whether it is Gibberish or not. The words seem to have a lot of m’s in them! Cool anyway!

22. Graphically accurate embodied wisdom

forearm-tattoos- 04101540

When I look at this professionally inked tattoo, I think of wisdom and the tree of life, as well as at a mask. This combination is really interesting and it cannot be fitted in any category of tattoos, except forearm tattoos.

23. Rise free from care..

forearm-tattoos- 04101541

before the dawn and seek adventure! Now this is a motivational tattoo of a bird and a branch! I would like to see this one every day! It is empowering, isn’t it?

24. Key is the answer

forearm-tattoos- 04101542

The black bands from this man’s forearm have gained popularity since Teen Wolf, which is a TV series. They look good by themselves, but also combined with elements like these keys.

25. 3D adventure at sea

forearm-tattoos- 04101544

3D forearm tattoos have a powerful visual impact. This design comprises a compass, a letter and what it looks like a route for ships.

26. Metallic effects and a fish

forearm-tattoos- 04101545

Most forearm tattoos are easy to interpret. However, this one is tricky for me. I can’t tell what’s going on, but I like the metallic effect obtained with just ink and needle!

27. I will make better mistakes tomorrow

forearm-tattoos- 04101546

Forearm tattoos with deep messages are appreciated among tattoo lovers. This one sends a positive message even if it contains a negative word. The font is pretty!

28. A Dali-inspired tattoo

forearm-tattoos- 04101547

Salvador Dali has created a world that is impossible to be confused with another. While this design is not part of Dali’s art, it makes me think of his art. Visually appealing and metaphoric, this tattoo is one of my favorites so far!

29. Love is all or nothing

forearm-tattoos- 04101548

For this pretty girl, love is all or nothing. You can’t argue with such beauty, so all you can do is admire her lettering tattoo and make her a compliment!

30. A design with hidden messages

forearm-tattoos- 04101549

Do you see any symbols that are added in this tattoo? Can you deliver a story? I feel like the first part of it represents the church and then it moves on to other ideologies that are connected to the church. Simple and mysterious at the same time!

31. Traditional meets the forearm

forearm-tattoos- 04101550

Traditional tattoos look amazing regardless of their location. They encompass elements that are impossible to miss, such as the rose and the dagger, and colors that are impossible to overlook, such as red and green.

32. Neo-traditional meets the forearm

forearm-tattoos- 04101551

Forearm tattoos inked in the neo-traditional style aren’t scarce. The one above is just an example. It consists of multiple symbols that express something that happened in her life, hence the name. Even so, this is a delicate and feminine tattoo!

33. Hope is beauty personified

forearm-tattoos- 04101552

A winged guitar with the look of a skull and an inspired message is basically one of the most balanced tattoo combinations out there.

34. Accessorized feminine forearm

forearm-tattoos- 04101553

Tattoos can be considered accessories too. In the case of this woman, forearm tattoos really are accessories. While decorative tattoos might not have any deep meaning, they look precious nevertheless.

35. Dragon as forearm tattoo

forearm-tattoos- 04101554

This dragon tattoo isn’t finished yet, but I can tell it will look amazing! Dragons are mostly tattooed thanks to the Japanese culture.

36. Day of the Dead on forearms

forearm-tattoos- 04101556

A he and she decorated skulls lay proudly on this guy’s forearms. They are both pretty and detailed, but sadly not colored as bright as most Day of the Dead tattoos.

37. Faith makes all things possible

forearm-tattoos- 04101557

Tattooed in 3 different types of fonts, this message is among the simplest forearms tattoos out there.

38. A broken arrow and others

forearm-tattoos- 04101558

The freshest tattoo on this person’s forearm is the broken arrow. Tattooed in a graphic manner, this arrow has no obvious meaning.

39. The swallow and the stars

forearm-tattoos- 04101559

Traditional tattoos are old school not because they are outdated, but because they were invented a long time ago. This swallow and the stars are still up to date and part of the tattoo culture.

40. The tortuous snake

forearm-tattoos- 04101560

Symbols of fertility and life force, snakes look great both black and white and colored. This particular one is dark and very revealing.

41. The compass and the leaves

forearm-tattoos- 04101561

Both the compass and the moss can tell direction, so I think the leaves from this tattoo actually refer to moss. There’s a nice contrast between gray and green.

42. Immense and enduring strength

forearm-tattoos- 04101562

Trees have different meanings, but overall, they are a symbol of immense and enduring strength. I like how she chose a yellow leaf.

43. When tribal and geometric meet 

forearm-tattoos- 04101563

Forearm tattoos aren’t all pure style. They are also combinations of styles. This tattoo is an example in that regard.

44. Spirituality in simplicity

forearm-tattoos- 04101564

A simple design like the one on this chick’s forearm holds more spirituality than you might think. Only connoisseurs will know what it’s about.

45. Depth and color craft

forearm-tattoos- 04101565

Another favorite among the forearm tattoos, this one is of incredible depth and the colors used are just unbelievably fascinating.

46. Mandala over mandala

forearm-tattoos- 04101566

The notion of Universe and universal energy fascinates many of us, including this beautiful girl. She chose a mandala over mandala design and colored it accordingly.

47. Flashy red and black design

forearm-tattoos- 04101567

Often forearm tattoos aren’t connected with each other, but in this case they are. The colors used are black, red and white. Killer combinations for pin-up style tattoos!

48. Funny owl with glasses

forearm-tattoos- 04101568

Since owls are symbols of intelligence, it makes sense to draw one with glasses on its big eyes. Nice choice in colors too!

49. Have, faith, restart

forearm-tattoos- 04101569

Combined with the graphic representation of a heartbeat, the words have, faith and restart are inspiring for others, but serve as a personal message.

50. Trapped, blindfolded girl

forearm-tattoos- 04101570

Trapped and blindfolded in a maze, this girl is a symbol for something much more meaningful. This is a serious tattoo that speaks about real problems.

51. Pictorial forearm flowers

forearm-tattoos- 04101571

These wild flowers look like they were painted on this woman’s forearm, right? That’s why this tattooing style is called pictorial.

52. Glamorous chick on guy’s forearm

forearm-tattoos- 04101572

Forearm tattoos made of feminine figures aren’t only popular, but also highly appreciated by men. This chick is glamorous and probably fits his style.

53. Etching styled doggy

forearm-tattoos- 04101573

Almost every drawing technique can be used in case of tattoos. This is just an example of the etching technique on a doggy. Would you give this one a try?

54. Trapped cartoonish beast

forearm-tattoos- 04101574

Speaking of drawing styles, this one is cartoonish because it looks like an animation. The fact that the animal is trapped looks kind of sad, but I’m sure it’s just a metaphor.

55. Biomechanical realism on forearm

forearm-tattoos- 04101575

Tattoos that contain mechanisms are called biomechanical because they represent a combination between mechanical and life. This one has a window opened to the galaxy. Impressive, isn’t it?

56. Incredibly detailed ship

forearm-tattoos- 04101576

People passionate about ships should know what kind this is. I think it’s just the amazing kind and it covers a really large surface of skin too!

57. The lion behind the cross

forearm-tattoos- 04101577

While there is nothing that suggests the cross and the lion are somehow connected, I tend to believe they are. The cross is all about faith, but what about the lion?

58. When spirituality and ink meet

forearm-tattoos- 04101578

When these two meet, they also know how great they will look together with the help of a needle, some ink and a blank canvas.

59. Beyond all nightmarish connotations

forearm-tattoos- 04101579

Ravens don’t make people happy when they show up, but all the negative connotations about ravens aren’t really true. They are awesome birds that look even better when they are seen as forearm tattoos.

60. Close that zipper!

forearm-tattoos- 04101580

Creepier than any raven, this tattoo is sick! A skeleton’s hand comes out of it when you unzip it! Impressive detail work on this one!

61. Realistic snake skin

forearm-tattoos- 04101581

More of a body modification than a simple tattoo, this work is highly detailed. Forearm tattoos don’t usually spread all over, but I’m guessing this guy will continue what he started!

62. Fascinating repetitive patterns

forearm-tattoos- 04101582

These repetitive patterns aren’t all about fashion either. Yes, they look very nice indeed and no, they aren’t based on a life philosophy. However, they are fitted as embellishments. Do you think embellishments are superficial?

63. Shells and a giant snail

forearm-tattoos- 04101583

A snail lover, this guy got forearm tattoos of shells connected to each other. The snail is the center of this image, though!

64. Elephant is king

forearm-tattoos- 04101584

The Asian culture is resourceful and full of guidelines regarding life. In order to simplify their ideology and embrace their beliefs at the same time, you can get this tattoo.

65. A ballerina written by Lovecraft

forearm-tattoos- 04101585

In case you didn’t know, Lovecraft is a writer who often combines human beings with sea creatures. This design looks like something he would’ve written about. Dark and mysterious at the same time, this tattoo can easily speak for him!

66. Don’t ever let life pass you by

forearm-tattoos- 04101586

A message to self that is also applicable to others, Don’t ever let life pass you by, looks good inked! The chosen technique is a little messy, but it is almost as chaotic as life is! I think it’s a good advice and an inspiring tattoo idea as well!

67. Feminine design on a man

forearm-tattoos- 04101519

Is it just me or mandalas and other ornaments alike look a little too feminine for men? Their meaning is much more important, but it was just a thought! Cool ink and admirable precision!

68. Roses, lots of roses!

forearm-tattoos- 04101521

Roses are flowers that never disappoint. Every rose color means something else and they are suited for various occasions. As tattoos, roses look both innocent and sexy. Forearm tattoos for women often consist of flowers that might be roses or others too.

69. The portrait of a smoking man

forearm-tattoos- 04101522

This portrait isn’t a classic because the actual face of this man is missing. What’s left is his skull and a reference to his actions. Could it be about smoking or there’s a totally different idea behind this tattoo? The nature behind him looks dead as well.

70. A combination of body parts

forearm-tattoos- 04101523

If you look closely at these two forearm tattoos, you will see that there isn’t any typical animal involed. They are all combinations of body parts from different animals. Cool and a little creepy at the same time!

71. Tortured female tattoo

forearm-tattoos- 04101524

Moving on from creepy to scary, here is a tattoo of a tortured female. It looks like take from a horror movie. The fact that this is a realistic tattoo helps a lot. Only a professional tattoo artist is able to achieve such a result. Keep that in mind before choosing yours!

72. Dices and other blinking elements

forearm-tattoos- 04101528

The dices placed on this girl’s forearm are part of her sleeve. She started from her shoulder and she is moving forward to her wrist. She is a tattoo enthusiast. You can easily tell if you look at her other tattoos.

73. Neo-traditional half-done sleeve

forearm-tattoos- 04101529

Sleeves are disadvantageous when you want to analyze every model because they represent a bunch of tattoos inked side by side. The tattoos inked on this girl look neo-traditional.

74. Thick arrow pointing down

forearm-tattoos- 04101530

Downward facing arrows have different meanings than upward facing arrows. They could mean that someone is preparing for attack or they could be a symbol of peace because they aren’t used when they are facing downward.

75. Connectable lines a dots

forearm-tattoos- 04101531

All forearm tattoos have to be connected somehow. These lines and dots are meant to do just that.

76. Anchor and leopard print

forearm-tattoos- 04101526

This is an example of how a traditional tattoo looks next to a leopard print tattoo. I think they go well together!

77. Tiny stars on a feminine wrist

forearm-tattoos- 04101527

A pin-up girl, this woman chose to get tattoos of different shaped stars on her wrist. She took an inspired decision because they match her style. The Koi fish from her arm is nice too! However, I’d put some color in it right away for a maximum effect!

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