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50 Libra Tattoos to Keep You Balanced in Your Search for Harmony

As zodiac sign, Libra is magic because it’s the seventh astrological sign. Governed by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, Libra and its afferent symbol is a popular tattoo idea. Libra tattoos come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, combined with other symbols, such as butterflies, women and so on. This tattoo design is chosen by both men and women and slightly altered to fit each person’s personality.

Libra makes me think of balance and duality, and according to numerous astrologists, I’m right! The most representative verb for Libras is balance.  Harmony is something people born under the sign of Libra are trying to achieve all their life. This fact is visible in all the drawings that involve its symbol. As it follows, you’ll see how it was interpreted as a tattoo design.

1. A touch of positivity in Libra tattoos

libra tattoos-16111512

Butterflies are considered positive creatures because of how they look and the fact that they are reborn. Combined with a scale, they tip the balance in their favor.

2. The eyes of night and day

libra tattoos-16111513

Libra tattoos that contain dual elements are not rare! As said, some people are always trying to achieve balance. Although fresh, this tattoo looks very nice!

3. Femininity dominates masculinity

libra tattoos-16111514

Although Libra is a masculine zodiac sign, it is governed by Venus, which is a feminine influence. Therefore, this tattoo of a woman makes total sense on a man.

4. Libra balancing the lower back

libra tattoos-16111515

Simple Libra tattoos are highly appreciated by tattoo lovers. This one in particular seems to have a balancing effect on the lower back thanks it its precise design.

5. Libra balancing the upper back

libra tattoos-16111516

A design with curvy lines, but similar with the previous one, this one comes with the same benefits. Simple is sexy, isn’t it?

6. Love is spicy

libra tattoos-16111517

A beautifully ornamented scale, this holds a heart on one arm, and a pepper on the other. I’d say love is spicy, but that could mean something else too!

7. A star carved in stone

libra tattoos-16111518

Planets that govern zodiac signs are practically stars. In addition, the stone-carved design is really cool, so they make a great pair!

8. Tiny finger scale

libra tattoos-16111519

Small tattoos aren’t detailed, but they are precise thanks to the thin lines. As a ring or finger tattoo, this scale looks pretty!

9. Earthly Venus in control

libra tattoos-16111520

Portraits are tricky to ink if the tattoo artist is not talented. This is not the case though. Libra tattoos containing womanly faces look divine!

10. The eternal love for nature

libra tattoos-16111521

If you look at it this way, nature is balanced. So, what better way to put that into a drawing than the communion of an animal, a tree and an object made by man? The color job is amazing!

11. The third eye keeps balance

libra tattoos-16111522

All the ornaments inked on this scale mean something. So does the third eye and the symbols for the Moon and the Sun. It is not a masterpiece, but definitely a decent tattoo!

12. The Moon versus the Sun

libra tattoos-16111523

In case you didn’t know, the Sun is a masculine sign and the Moon is feminine. They work in perfect balance, each bringing out the best and the worse. However, they both look nice in a tattoo!

13. Playful, loving and mystical

libra tattoos-16111524

Libra tattoos are versatile. They might have the same message, but that can be delivered in visually appealing ways. A Disney-like design, it has a happy vibe.

14. Old school works best

libra tattoos-16111525

The symbol of Libra can be inked in every tattooing style, depending on the future wearer’s preferences. This person chose the old school style and got super inked!

15. Balanced gothic scale

libra tattoos-16111526

This sturdy, gothic scale found a way to keep the Sun and the Moon in perfect balance. A 2D tattoo, this one has amazing shading!

16. A redundant messagelibra tattoos-16111527

Since the scale and the Libra symbol practically mean the same thing, this tattoo is redundant. However, I have to give it credit for artistic impression.

17. Ankle tattoo for positive energy

libra tattoos-16111528

Libra tattoos can be placed on any body part. They can be large or tiny, like this symbol inked on one’s ankle. It brings a touch of positive energy, doesn’t it?

18. Physical and metaphysical

libra tattoos-16111529

Symbolizing the physical and the metaphysical, the symbol of Libra doesn’t need color to make an impression!

19. The superior nature of balance

libra tattoos-16111530

Libra tattoos that are simple might not look like much, but they mean, among others, objectivity and intangible matter.

20. The perfect Libra symbol

libra tattoos-16111531

Straight lines and clean tattooing are very important details. Libra tattoos tend to be very precise and perfectly filled.

21. The Universe in ornamental frames

libra tattoos-16111532

The physical and the metaphysical do not meet according to this symbol, but they do meet beyond boundaries. This vividly colored tattoo says just that.

22. A rounded metaphysical

libra tattoos-16111533

The upper part of this tattoo is rounded and it represents the metaphysical. The lower part, namely the parallel line is the one talking about tangibility.

23. The lion and the ace of spades

libra tattoos-16111534

When you want to combine 3 different symbols in one tattoo, you’ll get something that looks like this. I’m not sure which is the connection between them, but it’s an interesting result nevertheless.

24. A sign that shines bright

libra tattoos-16111535

Libra tattoos are often associated with little stars. They are also multicolored, depending on each person’s taste. Here’s the cracked stone effect again!

25. A balanced Earth

libra tattoos-16111536

If we translate these 2 symbols in words, they mean that the Earth is balanced. The upside down triangle is a symbol for Earth. Cool white ink tattoos!

26. Scapula embellished with ink

libra tattoos-16111538

This girl didn’t need embellishments, but now that she got one, she is double cool! Her tat is not a visual masterpiece. However, I’m sure it means the world to her.

27. A side-wrist Libra

libra tattoos-16111539

When you think you can’t see a smaller tattoo, you should think twice! I used to believe that wrist tattoos can’t get smaller, but here’s a very good example! This is just a side-wrist tattoo! It could be smaller than a coin.

28. A diaphanous presence in charge

libra tattoos-16111540

When I see a woman in charge, I expect results! This one seems to be doing just fine with that scale, keeping the much needed balance. The tattoo itself is too discolored for my taste. It looks like it fades away.

29. Happy face and a tattoo

libra tattoos-16111541

Did you notice that often tattooed people are happier? This is a way of expressing ourselves, so it has a positive impact on our lives. Libra tattoos are personal, but they act in the same way.

30. A personal statement

libra tattoos-16111542

A tattoo positioned on this area of the foot is hidden to the world. That’s why I think it is a personal statement. Everything has energy, even a tiny tattoo like this one.

31. Pointy Libra sign

libra tattoos-16111543

Every small detail, such as the pointy edges of this tattoo is a way of personalizing a tattoo. Libras are creative people, so they always figure something out.

32. Linear carrier of the burden

libra tattoos-16111544

This scale is not perfectly balanced. There is clearly a burden unbalancing it. As a tattoo, it is linear and inked in black and white.

33. Stylish upper arm tattoo

libra tattoos-16111545

Inked in a not very exposed body part, this tattoo is medium-sized and fully black. It sends a simple message, from a gentle and loving person as all Libras are.

34. Another side-wrist Libra symbol

libra tattoos-16111546

In case you forgot all about tiny tattoos, here’s another example to remind you how little the size of a tattoo matters. What’s truly important is the message, isn’t it?

35. Femininity and sensuality in one

libra tattoos-16111547

People born under the sign of Libra are sociable and have the type of temperament that influences others in a good way. They like art and are able to appreciate art. However, sometimes they feel the need of simplicity. This is her case.

36. Colors that accentuate shape

libra tattoos-16111548

A stylized version of the classic Libra symbol, this tattoo plays with colors and geometric shapes. The colors are meant to highlight certain shapes. I don’t think the elements are well-connected, but overall they look pretty cool!

37. Astrology at the nape of the neck

libra tattoos-16111549

The nape of the neck is a popular tattoo location for girls. Tattoos tend to compliment this body area more in case of women than in case of men. The lines are a bit too thick for my taste. What do you think?

38. A tribute tattoo for a Libra

libra tattoos-16111550

There are Libra tattoos on people who weren’t born under this zodiac sign. Most times, these tattoos are inked in the memory of someone dear to them who passed away. The one in the image contains a birth year and a death year.

39. Side-wrist Libra sign as favorite

libra tattoos-16111551

Who would’ve thought that the most preferred location for Libra tattoos is the side wrist? In case you weren’t convinced, here is the 3rd example of a tiny scale that represents a much appreciated and beloved zodiac sign.

40. Thick and manly Libra sign

libra tattoos-16111552

Thick lines work best for men tattoos. They are a sign of manhood and look better on thick surfaces. I’m not saying men aren’t delicate. It’s just a matter of proportions.

41. Originality at its best

libra tattoos-16111553

Getting a tattoo on the nape of the neck is not an original idea. However, the design itself is original. It’s pretty unlikely to find an identical tattoo on people who were born Libras. Her birthday is written under it.

42. L is for Libra

libra tattoos-1611151

Moving on to a more elaborate tattoo, this one presents Libra in a different manner. It consists in text, 3 red flowers and the customary scale. The font and the red hue are quite nice!

43. A sequence of symbols

libra tattoos-1611152

How many of these symbols do you recognize? What if I told you they are all representative for Libra as zodiac sign? The sign for female, as well as the triangle are associated with this zodiac sign. The triangle means air, which comes from Libra’s cardinal sign. Do they look a little plain or not?

44. Another personal statement

libra tattoos-1611153

Now that you’ve seen both hidden and exposed Libra tattoos, which one would you choose? This one looks pretty hidden as well. Is it for you or not so much?

45. Centered Libra symbol on wrist

libra tattoos-1611155

The side-wrist tattoos didn’t convince you? How about this centered tattoo? It’s only made of 2 thin lines, so it isn’t supposed to hurt that much. Yay or nay?

46. Libra seen by astrologists

libra tattoos-1611156

These small stars aren’t randomly placed on this girl’s back. This is actually the way Libra looks on the sky. This is how astrologists see your sign; as a triangle with long legs if you wish. Could she be an astrologist? I guess anything is possible.

47. Libra design made by astrologists

libra tattoos-1611157

Made of 5 thin lines, this is the kind of Libra design astrologists would draw. Simply put, when you study the arrangements of all stars, you’ll see your configuration like this. How cool is that? Are graphic designs something that you’d like inked in your skin?

48. The tree of life wants balance

libra tattoos-1611159

The combination between the Libra sign and the tree of life is not new. They are very alike in a way and they complete each other too. Perfect balance and harmony are as utopian as the tree of life and its magic powers. This tattoo makes her waist look thinner, doesn’t it? It could be a trick I might use in the future! Would you?

49. Harmony is behind the ear

libra tattoos-16111510

If we can’t have harmony in our lives, we could at least have it behind our ears, under the form of a simple tattoo. It might not be as rewarding, but it will definitely be cool! This tattoo is very simple to hide in case of a job meeting or another event alike.

50. The fairy that brings balance

libra tattoos-16111511

Balance and kindness come under many forms. Whether it is a fairy, or 5 straight lines, the end result matters the most. Visually speaking, I prefer this beautiful creature that holds the scales suggesting Libra rather than a graphic design. Libra tattoos that are so complex and colored aren’t often met.

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