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47 Name Tattoos: Identities Inked In Skin

Our names do not define our personality, but somehow we identify with the name given to us at birth. The name of a person can be loaded with that person’s energy and contain all the feelings we have for him or her. In short, names are important and so are name tattoos. They are the type of tattoos that can be inked together with other symbols or as they are.

Often serving as tributes to loved ones, name tattoos may represent parents, family members, pets and other loved ones. The options are virtually unlimited because there are persons who would go as far as getting name tattoos of their idols. There’s nothing wrong with that, especially if they result in a state of well-being and contempt. Regardless of what we get inked, tattoos make us feel good about ourselves every day.

1. Kaitlyn and a pink rose


Kaitlyn must’ve been a hell of a girl who walked out too soon from this world. The clock placed under the pink rose suggests that. Incorporated in a realistic-looking composition, her name will live on.

2. Jaxon and a purple flower27051015-name-tattoos

Name tattoos often include flowers because they are symbols of life. Especially if a person is no longer present, flowers create a contrast that brings out the positive part. Purple is a color that symbolizes magic, royalty, wealth, devotion and luxury.

3. Stella and a pink peacock


The peacock is a symbol of integrity and beauty. It protects and watches over important beings not only in this tattoo, but also in general. Immortality and spirituality are among its other meanings, which match perfectly with this tattoo idea.

4. Tiffany and black stars


Could Tiffany be among the stars already? It sure looks like it, but then again name tattoos aren’t all tributes. Placed on a woman’s ribs, this is a large lettering tattoo that many people seem to be open to.

5. Jayden gaining popularity


Until 1994, Jayden wasn’t a very popular name. In fact, this word also refers to the type of boy that can be crazy and annoying. According to the urban dictionary, this type of person swears too much and is naughty as well. Could he be Jayden?

6. Karen and Micah


Considered Native American symbols, these arrows refer to friendship. Karen and Micah could be much more than friends, but their friendship is obviously the most valuable aspect of their relationship. This wrist tattoo is a good example for all name tattoos that are not too big.

7. Tamara and Karrissa


Name tattoos are perfect for girlfriends and for sisters too. Tamara and Karrissa could be both. Also, they could be someone’s daughters. There is really no rule when it comes to such tattoo types. The tiny butterflies and the colors are pretty nice!

8. Lucas in black


Black is the most used color for inking names. Often name tattoos are just as decorated as this one is. When choosing such simple tattoos, some individuals desire fonts that are highly ornamental. They provide a more complex design that isn’t just about the name anymore.

9. A team that matters


This man chose to get the logo of his team tattooed on his upper back. Name tattoos can be 3D and occupy a large portion of someone’s skin. Depending on importance and space availability, name tattoos can go from tiny to large.

10. Brielle was born


A tattoo dedicated to this woman’s daughter who was born in 2013, this design is not common. A woman who breastfeeds is a nice tattoo idea when referring to a baby, and it might become popular thanks to the “Free the nipple” initiative.

11. Dawson, Shanyce, Holden and Honey


Tiny footprints located next to name tattoos show us what they are all about. They are the footprints of this woman’s children. Parents are more modern now and their mentality about tattoos has changed a lot. These ink jobs are proof!

12. Sammy, Kato, Max and Lucy


Love is never-ending and this person’s love extends to her pets as well. The road to his or her heart is paved with paw prints, which is extraordinary! The world need more animal and tattoo lovers to become better! The tiny, red hearts are like cake icing!

13. Anton, Brendan, Spender and Isabella


These name tattoos grouped together make me think of family again. Whoever got inked wants to protect these people and probably prays for them every day. Getting a tattoos isn’t the most religious step one can take, but spirituality means much more than that.

14. Elizabeth on wrist


Elizabeth is a beautiful and meaningful name. It means something different for each of us, but something even more for those who get it inked. It looks like a lover tattoo, but then again, it could be not.

15. Complete the puzzle with Alexis


Letter cubes can be arranged in such manner to form the name Alexis. To continue the volume effect and to complete the image, this person added fluffy hearts and shiny stars to the composition.

16. Carlos and the color splashes


This tattoos is fresh without a doubt, not only because it shines, but also because it contains color splashes. The color splashing technique isn’t used for long in the tattoos world. The letters don’t look very clear, which is good in case Carlos screws up.

17. Olivia with her roses and thorns


A muscular guy got inked with the name of his loved one and a few roses with thorns. This could mean he accepts both Olivia’s feminine sensibility and her untamed side as well. The placement of this tattoo is ideal because it is not very visible.

18. Kailey, Kim, Bia and Brian


A symbol of strength, power and loyalty, the elephant makes perfect sense in this tattoo design. Those are probably the qualities that connect these 4 people together. I think it’s brilliant to come up with such a meaningful idea for name tattoos.

19. Kaylyn and her crayons


Kaylyn is this super cute blonde girl and the guy with the tattoo is most probably her father. She must be a fan of crayons and that’s how her dad represented her personality by writing her name.

20. Lily is Kate


Having 2 names is not uncommon. In this case, Lily Kate doesn’t only have 2 names, but she is also very special to someone who decided to ink her foot with her names. Lily Kate is a delicate and feminine name that can’t represent a person who isn’t like that. I appreciate the precision of these curved lines on such a wrinkled area!

21. I heart Alicia


The letters that makeup the name Alicia have been masterfully arranged to form a heart. An ingenious idea I could say, especially since the letters are all capitals. Wrist tattoos and name tattoos will often come as one.

22. Marcus, Matthew and Alex


I believe each of these guys have written their own names on a paper and a tattoo artist inked them. The fonts are different and clumsy, so they aren’t picked from a list of fonts. Original and kind of sweet, don’t you think?

23. The story behind Robert, Daniel and Elisabeth


A cup of tea, a kettle, books and lettering are part of this colored tattoo. Name tattoos all have deep meaning, but this one comes with a message that cannot be neglected and with elements that are visually appealing. I bet this is a girl’s tattoo since it contains pink and pretty flowers! Femininity is so predictable, but also adorable!

24. James part of name tattoos


A minimal tattoo, the name of James was inked on a girl’s forearm. The meaning of this name comes from Hebrew and talks about wonderful things, but also about “one who wrongfully or illegally seizes and holds the place of another”.

25. Liam on wrist


Liam is an Irish name that refers to a strong protector. Tattooed on this woman’s wrist, it looks like something important, but it doesn’t have a thick font to back it up. It is a nice tattoo nevertheless.

26. Heart beats for Hunter


The graphic representation of a heart beat can be nicely adjusted to look like a heart and to form a name. In fact, everything is created with lines, so name tattoos aren’t an exception. Hunter must be a special one!

27. Mia on ribs


Mia is a simple name that looks great in hidden areas like the ribs. Notice that this feminine name is inked on a female. This could be thanks to a same sex relationship or define a friendship. In addition, it could refer to a relative as well. That tiny heart says a lot!

28. Is James the one?


This tattoo is funny because it obviously contains names of guys with whom this girl was involved. I like her sense of humor since she didn’t remove the previous name tattoos, but made them look like a list. Maybe James is the one!

29. Megan vs. vegan


This font is tricky! Do you think it says Megan or vegan? Maybe it says both and using this tricky font was intentional. Vegan or not, Megan is a lucky girl! Wrist name tattoos are an open declaration of beautiful feelings!

30. Andy on heel


Andy didn’t get to end up on this woman’s wrist, but her heel is a good place too! She chose to ink it in capitals. This is a personal preference that can’t signify importance.

31. The feather of Fabrizio


Another option you have when you want to get a name tattoo is to incorporate the name in a design. For example, this is a feather that looks normal on one side and that comprises a name on the other side. Basically no one has to know there’s a name in this design.

32. Belle the femme


Belle seems like femme fatale to me thanks to the red lipstick and the leopard print on it. It makes me think of a powerful and independent woman. The bright red ink was a phenomenal choice!

33. Lucy and …


Lucy paired up with someone whose name I can’t read. The sign replacing the word and is cute and lovable just like she is for her gesture!

34. The family tree


Name tattoos often come in pairs, but in this example, there are a lot of names representing a family tree. The idea itself is cool, but the tattoo looks a bit too crowded for my taste.

35. Tucked in fluffy hearts


Lance and Autumn certainly make a good pair since this tattoo was inked! Their names look tucked in hearts or trapped in fluffy declarations of love under skin!

36. Michael and Justin


Two boy names on a woman’s feet could mean only one thing: they are her sons. I don’t think she would’ve gotten 2 identical tattoos with different names if things were different.

37. A spiral of letters as heart


Swirls of letters creating a heart have a mesmerizing effect! I bet your eyes will hurt if you’re trying to read what it says on this person’s ribs!

38. Family names work too


Honoring an entire family without making anyone feel less special is easy to do when you choose to ink the family name.

39. Kailey on foot


A cursive font and a thin line can make wonders with name tattoos, especially in places like feet.

40. Lilah and Penelope


Name tattoos can be inked in any colors. This is an example of name tattoos inked in red. The pattern between them looks interesting in red as well!

41. The family flower


An alternative to the family tree for a smaller family, every petal of this flower contains a name. They are easy to read despite the color addition.

42. Ayden James forever


Clearly the name of someone’s son, this name tattoo takes the shape of the infinity sign, showing his importance.

43. The sparkly Elle


Elle is one sparkly woman who surely has a vibrant personality and is coquette too! I can easily tell thanks to the stars and sparkling effect!

44. Kids and wife name tattoos


This man has inked the name of his wife on his ring finger and the name of his kids on the sides of his hands. Now that’s a cool dad!

45. Izabela in red and black


Izabela is a VIP in this man’s life. She is both passionate and grounded, which explains the red and black combination.

46. Diana is like an anchor


The feminine presence in a sailor’s life can be represented in pink and with a name. In this case, she’s Diana and she is his anchor.

47. Mariah the queen


Mariah is one lucky girl who is probably treated like a queen by this person who inked her name and a crown above it. Nice combination and ink job!

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