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40 Elite Spine Tattoos that Will Give You Shivers

Sensuality has no limits when it comes to spine tattoos. You’ll not see them on the average person and you will not see them on women only. Although they accentuate a woman’s curves in a very sexy manner, they are also suited for men. The major concern about tattoos located on the spine is pain and that’s why they aren’t very popular. However, some of the following tattoo examples will definitely give you shivers and probably make you shake of excitement just a little.

The spine is not covered with multiple fat layers as other body areas, so it makes sense why pain is more acute. The nerves are highly sensitive and they can easily be disturbed by the needles and the vibrations generated by the tattoo machine. Spine tattoos will last as long as any other tattoo, so the pain factor is not important because it is temporary. What is truly important is the eye-catching result that will make you love yourself even more!

Women tend to settle for spine tattoos more than men do. If you think about it, there are more men with full back tattoos than women, so this difference doesn’t mean anything. You’ll see all sorts of patterns that go from a few lines to more complicated designs. There is also an example of white ink tattoo, so you have all the reasons to scroll down and rinse your eyes with feminine shapes and sensuous ink jobs!

1. Graphic tattoo along the spine


A graphic design consisting in an arrow pointing down, this one virtually divides a woman’s back. The array of symbols might be generally applicable, but the sizing and the positioning is customized. Both black and gray inks were combined to obtain such polished result.

2. The black peacock


Considering how nicely colored a peacock really is, I can’t figure out why this person chose to have it inked in black and white. The final outcome isn’t unsatisfactory at all, so this might be a personal preference. I like how it widens her back and thins her waist.

3. Tribal from the neck down


Spine tattoos often begin from the nape of the neck and end somewhere on the lower back. This tribal design spreads all over her spine and a few inches on the sides as well. I think it brings out the wild side in her and accentuates her back muscles as well. Such tattoos are unique because there’s no person 100% alike, so the sizing and placement will always be different.

4. The phases of the Moon


I always thought that blonde women look great in white and I suppose that applies to spine tattoos as well! This blonde beauty went for white ink tattoos representing the phases of the moon. I admire her courage, especially since white ink tattoos aren’t very easy to take care of.

5. A braided graphical maze


Playing with lines, shapes and dimensions is a delight for the eye. Spine tattoos that look repetitive aren’t appreciated, but this design is something else! Not only appealing, it makes you wonder where does it go and how much it spreads. It comes with a slightly unfinished look.

6. Fate loves the fearless


Spine tattoos located on the middle of the spinal cord are usually quotes. Sporting a trendy dress, this woman shows off a quote by James Russell Lowell, which probably represents a part of her life philosophy.

7. Wisdom between the shoulder blades


Spine tattoos aren’t always easy to read. The example above is too small for anyone to decipher from a distance, but it gives this woman an inexplicable degree of mystery. Small tattoos located on the spine will not provoke too much pain.

8. Spiritual symbols as spine tattoos


Spine tattoos require time and money to get, but if you don’t want a piece that starts from top and ends at the bottom, then you can opt for various symbols that are connected to each other, but they aren’t part of the same tattoo.

9. July 29, 2013


Spine tattoos are just as meaningful as any other type of tattoos. Here is a Roman letters tattoo that translates into a date. While it might not mean anything to you, it means something important for this girl. Her choice is inspired because it decorates her spinal cord and works as a reminder as well.

10. Unrealistic spinal cord


The human spine doesn’t look like the one you see inked on this girl’s back. However, this version is interesting too. It has lots of vertebrae and it has red endings that suggest bleeding. A little on the spooky side, spine tattoos like this one reveal creative minds.

11. She operates a mechanism


This is one daring lady! She has a different vision about what hides under her skin. It is a masterfully inked mechanism that makes me think of the steampunk style. You get a peak of it thanks to the lack of skin parts that unravel it.

12. Pretty seahorse and a flower


Spine tattoos are sometimes simple, like this one, and complex like the previous one. We have a pretty seahorse made of geometrical shapes, a flower and a few air bubbles tattooed on this woman, which suggest naivety.

13. Tattoos connected by dots


Spine tattoos are almost never connected to tattoos located on other body parts. This design is an exception. Amazingly thought and nicely inked, it is one of the few that’s too abstract to even begin to analyze.

14. Planets align on the spinal cord


Spine tattoos are all visually appealing. However, this one in particular seems to be a perfect fit for the person who got it. Although the planets aren’t detailed and the colors are a little diluted, this tattoo looks very nice overall!

15. The 7 geometrical alternations


If you work with a few geometrical shapes and you alternate them 7 times, you will obtain 7 different patterns. I suppose this is exactly what this girl did. She embellished her spinal cord with balanced shapes of the same size.

16. Classic expression of femininity


Spine tattoos on a woman accentuate her femininity no matter what, but in this case, the wild flowers express a kind of classical femininity. Pink and purple are colors women tend to like more than men do and we often associate them with the fair sex.

17. I will only be one prayer away


A pictorial sunflower that goes all the way to the lower back and that contains a message is an inspired tattoo idea part of the spine tattoos category. The colors used are saturated and they imitate nature in the right amount.

18. The spine of an unpublished book


Spine tattoos that contain text are delicate too even if the text is a bit larger than the spine itself. This woman considers herself an unpublished book, which is, of course, a metaphor. She’s got both looks and brains!

19. For every dark night there is a brighter day


This time, the spine tattoo consists entirely out of letters. The message is inspirational and the letters are small enough to make people wonder what it says.

20. The outline of multiple vertebrae


People have always been fascinated by what is under their skin and what keeps our bodies functioning day by day. This is why, some of us like to use tattooing as a method of uncovering what’s beneath. You have to admit it; she looks badass!

21. A continuous line


A continuous line doesn’t have to be straight. It can form 3 pretty infinity signs that look sensuous on the middle of the spinal cord. This is a tattoo that’s very easy to get inked.

22. Mountains in the distance


Not really among the spine tattoos because it is not located on the spine, but very close to it, this tattoo depicts mountains in the distance. They are drawn in a simple, sketchy manner.

23. Black outlined moon phases


In contrast with the spine tattoos seen before that were inked in white and represented the moon phases, this tattoo is obviously manly. Even the size of the circles is bigger to express masculinity.

24. Pretty black flowers


Black and white tattoos are less painful than colored tattoos. This is because the colored ink is much denser. So, maybe that’s why this girl decided to get black flowers inked on her spine instead of colored ones.

25. The Lotus flower and a symbol


Located at the beginning of her spinal cord, this tattoo is about the Lotus flower and the yin, yang symbol. She must be aware of life’s duality and one’s ability to raise from the mud.

26. A dream catcher for fashion


Dream catchers are very popular tattoos. They can be inked virtually anywhere on the body. This woman chose her back.

27. Different sized blue dots


The spine tattoos this man chose are a little too incognito for me to figure them out. Considering their color, they might be related to his arm tattoo.

28. A splendid giraffe


It goes without saying that this man is an animal lover. He had a great idea to get a giraffe tattooed on his back because it fits perfectly on his spinal cord. Sadly, there aren’t too many spine tattoos that depict animals.

29. Tribal design in progress


As you may see, the position you should have when getting inked on the back is pretty comfortable. This tattoo is in progress, but I bet it will turn out alright!

30. 7 types of butterflies


Speaking of animal spine tattoos, here are 7 different types of butterflies tattooed one on top of each other on a woman’s spinal cord.

31. 9 hearts from big to small


These 9 black hearts create a very interesting visual effect. They are thinning her body in a way that only art can. You may trick the eye with such size variations. I think it’s a cool idea!

32. Choose your language


If you are fascinated by a certain language or you have roots in other cultures, you may express your identity or fascination by using it. This girl did and got a nice ink job!

33. Sparrows and worldly inspiration


Sparrows are often associated with hope, so the message placed along this woman’s spinal cord is definitely inspirational and maybe motivational as well!

34. Vertebrae and hip bone


Following the same principle, but adding a part of the hip bone as well, this chick got herself a badass spine tattoo that will have impact on anyone who sees it!

35. Native American Symbol


Since I said something about cultural identity before, here’s an example of a Native American symbol that works just fine as a spinal cord tattoo.

36. Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism or Jainism


The language used in this tattoo is Sanskrit, which is spoken in Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism and Jainism. So, the design must have something to do with one of those.

37. The mighty dragonfly


Spine tattoos are located on the spine, not on one’s entire back, but this tattoo is too cool not to see it! That is a dragonfly inked with mesmerizing colors and probably more than 20 times its size. I love the details on this one!

38. The colored compass


Spine tattoos often express spiritual ideas. Although this is the image of an object, it can be interpreted as one’s desire to find his or her way in life or the right path to walk on.

39. Sublime message in Chinese


You’ll see a lot of spine tattoos with Chinese symbols if you’re looking at tattoo ideas from over 10 years ago. They aren’t as popular anymore, but if you like them, then go for it!

40. Spirituality all the way


Not only marks of the body, but also marks of the soul, spine tattoos like these are food for soul not only candy for the eye.

41. Identity inked in skin


Native American symbols are perfect for inking because they are pretty straightforward. This woman didn’t get just black ink in her skin, but also identity.

42. Surrealism to the point of no return


This tattoo is the living proof of how much tattooing evolves as art. I’m speechless!

43. Arrow pointing down


The arrow pointing down is a symbol for peace. Women are usually pacifistic, so there’s no mystery here!

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