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53 Sunflower Tattoos: Blossoms Seeking Out Light

From May to October, sunflowers blossom in nature. They can, however, remain bright and blooming under the form of sunflower tattoos throughout the year. Optimists know that this type of flower is nothing but ordinary and they feed with its vital energy. The desire to become one with the light is easily expressed through a sunflower that has a special connection with the Sun. Because of its similar appearance with the Sun, it used to be associated with the Sun God, Apollo.

There are numerous legends that involve the sunflower and none of them present it in a negative light. It is seen as a symbol of good luck, health, fertility, longevity, worship and flexibility.  This is a special flower thanks to its ability to turn multiple times during the day in relation to the Sun’s position on the sky. A way of interpreting this ability is to think of faith and also about the Greek legend that talks about a nymph turned into a sunflower that was following the Sun day by day.

Sunflower tattoos are as popular as rose tattoos mostly for their meaning, but also for their yellow appearance that could brighten anyone’s face for a little while. Regardless of the chosen design or color palette, this flower cannot inspire negativity not even when it withers. As it follows, you’ll mostly see colored tattoo designs that will determine you to smile more, look at the Sun more and when you’re facing a cloudy day, they will determine you to contemplate the idea of getting one!

1. With the Sun on the shoulder


The happiest flower of all, this sunflower found its place on a woman’s shoulder. Sunflower tattoos are versatile because they fit anywhere on the body and they don’t require too many details, so they can be in miniature as well. This is not the case though and that’s great because we can take a good look at its concentric core and radiant petals!

2. Bring feet together to sunflower


Sunflower tattoos located on feet are an excellent idea if you go barefoot most of the time. In this way, you can look at them and receive their nourishment. They are seen as reflectors of Sun’s energy, so having them close is almost like a blessing! Simply tattooed and slightly shaded with orange hues, the sunflowers from these feet were carefully inked.

3. Bright and cheery on the back


Of incredible realism, this bouquet of sunflower tattoos lays perfectly on this woman’s shoulder blade. They stand out like they’re seeking for the Sun thanks to the gray and black background.

4. Sunflower tattoos on thigh


With plenty of place to unfold on this lady’s thigh, these sunflower tattoos are accompanied by other types of flowers as well. Their purpose is to enforce the idea of serenity and happiness. The beauty of nature can be transposed on skin with the help of a professional tattoo artist and appropriate colors.

5. Team sunflower and rose


Since the sunflower and the rose are the 2 most popular flower tattoos, it only makes sense to see them together in a tattoo. The sunflower is the one that stands out, although I’m sure that’s just because of its bright color and the volume of its petals. The wolf if governed by the Moon, so I guess this lady was trying to create a contrast between light and darkness.

6. Sunflower delight on forearm


Providing both beauty and sustenance, the sunflower exists since 1000 B.C. It hasn’t suffered any mutations, so it is as beautiful and as nutritional as it was back then as well. Sunflower tattoos may express fertility and beauty, especially when they are placed on easy to see body parts, such as the forearm.

7. A modern painting


The Impressionist era was the era of the sunflower. Various painters chose to immortalize this flower on their canvases. These days, our skin is the canvas and the painters have become tattoo artists. Slightly more pale than other sunflower tattoos, this one features the same concentric shape that makes us think of perfection.

8. Kissed by autumn in black


Obviously a nature lover and a fall enthusiast, this woman got inked on her arm using black and white colors only. All her designs are flowers, so she might be thinking of autumn as the season when these flowers die, hence the lack of colors. Phototropism defined the behavior of the sunflower, that will always tend to turn towards the Sun. So, an insignificant details such as black ink won’t reduce its powers.

9. Sunflower in skin tone


Many women might identify themselves with the legend of the water nymph according to which she turned to the Sun hoping for his love every day. However, each person adapts the original story to his or her own story. This is how skin tone sunflower tattoos are born. This technique is not used frequently because it is harder to make it look like a sketch, than coloring it in a realistic manner.

10. The bloody sunflower


An original interpretation of the sunflower, this tattoo comprises atypical hues and it is positioned in a genius way! Whatever type of shape your body has, a tattoo may flatter it if it is positioned properly. This one is a success from every point of view, including the colors! They are so intense, that this sunflower looks bloody.

11. A sunflower looking for the light


This black and white sunflower could be a way of self-representation. A sad, empty, colorless person may seek the light and transform himself or herself with the power of the Sun. Bold, yet comfortable, the sunflower is a warm gift that is receptive to light, life and vitality. Nothing is too dark to brighten!

12. Splendid 3D sunflower on arm


Observing a sunflower in nature is all a true artist needs in order to come up with such a masterpiece. Indeed, the tattoo machines and the ink are important factors in the success of a tattoo, but I’ve got a feeling this one would’ve turned out as splendid as it did without high-tech utensils. The pale pink background is eye-catching too!

13. Lower back brightness


The sunflower is a passionate flower choice and because it comes in small and large sizes, it can be easily fitted on various body parts. In this case, it is a lower back tattoo that embellishes this woman’s back and provides it with a warming glow. It looks like the Sun is about to set any minute now. It’s fantastic how a little ink and some needles can create such masterpiece on skin, don’t you think?

14. Keep breathing my angel


Sunflower tattoos aren’t always accompanied by messages, but when they are, the messages hold so much depth that they are hard to understand. Since sunflowers are symbols of loyalty, they can be tattooed as a tribute to other persons. The core isn’t classically represented, but enforced with a flowery pattern.

15. The outline of sunflowers and roses


Sunflower tattoos often come just outlined when they represent more symbolism than visual appeal. In this case, they are combined with roses that are just as simple. Sometimes when trying to express femininity, simple tattoos work best. It’s like putting on the little black dress.

16. Sunflowers and balance combined


The meaning of triangles is balance, which can be obtained through the positivity of the sunflower. A bunch of sunflower tattoos match perfectly with the idea of forearm tattoos and winning the fight of duality.

17. Sunflowers as reminders


Just as the water nymph suffered for her lost love, so can any person express loss through the sunflower. Perhaps this person’s dad used to love sunflowers, hence the tattoos. From an artistic point of view, this is very well done and colored evenly.

18. Kittens and flowers


This tattoo idea is brilliant! As background for flowers, this girl chose the shape of kittens. These 2 might be her favorite things in the world and that’s how she decided to immortalize them. Both designs are pretty graphic, but look great nonetheless.

19. Dramatic gray sunflower


Making a sunflower live in a gray environment is pretty cruel, but the visual effect is cool! A tattoo that looks dramatic because of the choice in colors, this one is not typical at all.

20. Simplicity in worship


Faith and worship are simple concepts. When you want to express just that, you can go for a design that is easy to do and looks plain enough not to astound. Sunflower tattoos can be both eye-catching and full of meaning at the same time or separately.

21. Sun-kissed shoulder tattoo


The sunflower takes energy from the Sun and has the ability to give it back. One way to feed off their positive energy is to ink them in your skin. They will not only look astonishing, but they will provide you with moral support when you expect less. This is how pride looks like.

22. Wild sunflower spreading on skin


Another very realistic representation of this plant, this tattoo amazes through colors and shading. Each leaf and petal is backed up by gray and black shades. This only looks like the beginning of a tattoo that will speak for nature.

23. Plain lining and dot work


Among others, sunflower tattoos may symbolize focus. What better way to focus than by looking at a plain design with dot work? It is about beauty and practicality, so this tattoo meets both needs.

24. Out of love for the Sun


When this person took this picture he or she was very inspired wearing that shirt! It gives us clear clues about his or her love for the Sun and, implicitly the reason why he or she got inked. The tattoo itself is immaculate even if it lacks color. Sadly, tattoos cannot be exposed to the sunlight because it damages them.

25. Watercolor sunflower on thigh


Watercolor is a painting technique used for centuries, which has been recently introduced in the world of tattooing. My opinion is that it looks better on skin than it looks on canvas because the effect is so amazing that it looks unreal.

26. Pretty like the Sun


Sunflower tattoos fit best on women’s thighs and look interesting when they are tattooed in a style called naive. This means that only its main features are drawn in the simplest way possible. This technique was invented thousands of years ago and it is still used for painting religious icons.

27. A bouquet of wildflowers


Women feet are sensuous and that’s why they worth attention. Some representatives of the fair sex use heels to do so, while others get tattoos. This is a bouquet of wildflowers that contains sunflowers as well. The multitude of colors is a pleasure to look at!

28. Dressed in sunflower


The way this sunflower molds on this girl’s skin makes it look like it is dressed with it or that the sunflower hugs her. This is how important tattoo positioning is and how pleased can be people if everything goes as planned.

29. Flower sisters at the beach


In case you didn’t know, it’s not recommended to sunbathe when you have tattoos regardless of how much sun cream you’re using. Moving on, these girls are tattoo sisters and each has chosen a wonderful flower type. The sunflower looks more natural, doesn’t it?

30. A plantation of sunflower


This is how sunflowers look in their natural habitat. This person took a corner of nature and moved it on her leg. This is how passion truly manifests and this is how rad it looks when it’s done right!

31. Three little sunflowers


The power of the sunflower never fades away unless you take the Sun from it. Three’s a magic number, so the color that isn’t there is replaced by another positive thing. In fact, did you know that the sunflower’s magical number is 7?

32. Tiny sunflower on wrist


If you take a little bit from the Sun’s shape and a little bit from the sunflower’s shape, you’ll obtain this; a tiny wrist tattoo that says a lot without looking like much.

33. Summertime with butterflies and sunflowers


What does summer mean for you? Are you a beach fan or are you thinking of butterflies and sunflowers? To me, this ribs tattoo looks a lot like my idea of summer. The colors are bright, the designs are friendly and the whole feeling is positive and energetic.

34. Nature provides for us


Sunflowers have been considered food sources and they are still used in the food industry. The fruit and the knife are the meeting point of nature and man. Sunflower tattoos could be more metaphorical than you imagine!

35. A gradient sunflower


When inking a tattoo, it is not easy to do gradient effects because the colors are not as maneuverable as aquarelles. However, this tattoos artist pulled it off. Any tattoo that contains orange is good for self-confidence.

36. Geometrized sunflower on ribs


The core of a sunflower is practically empty when you draw it, so many people tend to fill it with geometrical elements to make it look more interesting. Would you do it?

37. Long life and good luck


In this combination, sunflower tattoos mean long life and good luck. The color palette is unmatchable, but I think this tattoo is oversized.

38. Sunflowers and cherry blossoms


Sunflower tattoos and cherry blossoms are a killer combination because they look feminine and they mean nothing but the best!

39. Sunflower as life source


Another unique concept, this one present the sunflower as a provider of blood, which is essential to life. It provides something else in real life, but the idea itself is too cool to handle!

40. Sunflower on dark skin


Because yellow is a light color, it pops out nicely on dark skin, don’t you think?

41. Classic sunflower on thigh


The thigh is the most popular body part where women get sunflower tattoos.

42. Mesmerizing sunflower on forearm


The forearm is the second most popular body part where women get sunflower tattoos.

43. Nature’s energy on shoulder


The shoulder is the third most popular body part where women get sunflower tattoos.

44. Unfinished summerish landscape


Sunflower tattoos fit perfectly in summerish landscapes. This tattoo is in progress, but it will turn out very colored!

45. Curved lines and plenty of details


Because this sunflower design spreads on a large surface of skin, the tattoo artist had enough room to focus on curved lines, tiny details and highlights as well.

46. Wildflowers and birds


Sunflowers are powerful by themselves, but when they are in the presence of other positive elements, their power increases both visually and spiritually. The focus is on pastel colors.

47. Wildflowers and saturated colors


Colors may differ from one tattoo to the other because of multiple reasons. They may be diluted, less intense, more opaque, dark, bright, neon and so on. That’s why this tattoo looks nothing like the one above it.

48. Sunflowers connected to the woods


When nature gathers its powers, it becomes the most powerful entity that has more than a visual impact like this tattoo has.

49. A lively sunflower


This is a lively sunflower that looks very real. Its leaves are turning a little yellow, so that’s not a good sign, but it’s tattooing talent!

50. Sunflower feeding off the Sun


The Sun is the one giving energy to the sunflower. You can see that by looking at this outrageously cool tattoo that is based on contrast.

51. A sunflowers bracelet


Sunflower tattoos may also serve as bracelets. I admit I have never considered this option, but I might now, since it looks so pretty!

52. Sunflower hides behind the ear


Behind the ear tattoos are too subtle for such an important flower. However, it is quite cute!

53. Every end is a new beginning


If all things end and begin with a tattoo, then I’d like one alike, please! Modern and profound, this tattoo revolutionizes the image of sunflowers.

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