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55+ Thigh Tattoos to Accentuate Your Feminine Curves

Thigh tattoos usually spread over a large portion of skin. This makes them preferable among tattoo artists who like to put in as much detail as possible. A white canvas ready to change into a magnificent design with sexy accents is as valuable as it gets. Tattoos don’t have to be complex or overly-detailed in order to look good, but thigh tattoos somehow look better with a drawing that compliments their shape and most of all, size.

You’ll be surprised to find out that there are almost no thigh tattoo designs that look alike. The designs are infinite and so are the personalities of the ladies who decide to get tattooed on that area of their bodies. However, women have predilections for certain motifs, such as flowers, animals and movie characters. In addition, as you’ll notice in the following examples, women love colored tattoos. I guess they soften up the harsh lines of thigh tattoos.

This type of tattoos isn’t for everyone to see. Maybe some people could get a glimpse of what hides under a short skirt or short pants, but that won’t make the mystery go away too soon, but entice them more. The truth is that tattoos are sexy regardless of their location or what they represent. Things get less serious in case of thigh tattoos. Even so, don’t expect to see superficial designs because the following are definitely not the case.

1. Happy birds standing on branches

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Spread over a girl’s thigh, these happy birds are just sitting on branches. They probably represent her love for nature or maybe they sing a beautiful song that she enjoys. Nevertheless, she went to a talented tattoo artist who pulled off her design.

2. Nightmare Before Christmas on a thigh


This thigh tattoo is spicy! It depicts a scene from a movie called the Nightmare Before Christmas directed by Tim Burton. Numerous chicks dig this director and the films he contributes to. I like that blue swirl and the colors!

3. An atypical cat with big eyes


As mentioned before, animals are in the center of numerous thigh tattoos. In this case, we have an atypical cat with big eyes and a costume that defies its feline nature. The colors are vivid and complementary, which means they don’t interfere with the interest center.

4. Wearing her crown of roses


The skeletal woman portrayed in black and white looks like she’s wearing a crown of roses. Very similar with the crown of thorns mentioned in the Bible, it matches nicely with her string of red pearls. Red and black is a passionate contrast that amplifies any effect.

5. A framed tree on a pink-haired goddess


Unlikely for a woman who likes to put color in her hair, this person chose a black and white tattoo. It is located on her thigh and it’s all about nature, decorative details and a butterfly that also represents life, but in a different way. The work on this design involved the usage of the shading machine and probably a 12 needle gear.

6. Lord of the Rings complimenting feminine thigh


Not all those who wander are lost is a quote from a poem written by J. R. R. Tolkien, part of the Lord of the Rings. Besides the message, there are two thigh tattoos that talk about time and about the fantasy environment taken from Tolkien’s book. They both look fresh and well cared for.

7. Crazy mouse affected by poppy


Is it just me or do you know of some poppy effects that could drive animals crazy? What I know for sure is that this mouse looks rabid. Let’s just hope it’s overly enthusiastic and it has a blast on this girl’s thigh. It looks so real that it gives me goose bumps!

8. Mysterious butterfly guards a hidden world


The world inked on this gorgeous babe’s thigh is only hidden to us, fact which makes it mysterious. What’s also mysterious is the butterfly that seems to guide it. A sensual tattoo made of numerous curved lines, this one is a delight to look at!

9. The lady and the fox being foxy


Despite general knowledge, foxes aren’t sly. They were misunderstood sometime during the past and have gained a terrible reputation. In fact, they are intelligent animals who walk and act with elegance. Hence, the word foxy that’s used in a very positive way. The foxiness of this tattoo is accentuated by the flowers and the ribbon.

10. A tribal and geometric heart


Hearts don’t work on geometrical principles because they aren’t rational at all. However, we’re in luck that we can design a heart and fill it with any symbol that we like. This is a precise lining tattoo that uses colors representing the fall.

11. The elephant that goes on a trance


Realistic designs are often combined with abstract drawings. In this case, the elephant looks as real as it gets. As background, it has multiple abstract shapes colored in neon-like shades that could easily generate some soul-searching trips.

12. The mighty peacock


Thigh tattoos aren’t always as large as this one, but this one is cool too! It starts from the girl’s ribs and it goes all the way down to her knee. Her peacock is truly mighty not just because its personality, but because of its size as well. The colors are saturated and very little diluted.

13. Dead among living nature


Women seem to love contrasting images. In this case, we have the skulls of a few animals on leaves. The leaves appear to be alive, not dry. Overall, this tattoo is carefully inked, but it doesn’t send a positive message. The message is probably more profound than we could imagine.

14. Roses and pearls for a feminine touch


Many women say that roses are their favorite flowers. These women are often classy, coquette and they have expensive taste. To prove I’m not wrong, this is a woman who combined the image of roses with pearls for her thigh tattoo. If this is not classy and expensive, then what is?

15. The Chief that rules the thigh area


In the Native American culture, this portrait is of a Chief, who is in high command. It’s not only majestic to look at, but also a symbol of power. The feathers and the face paint are magnificent!

16. Jewelry comes in many shapes and sizes


Thigh jewelry is a relatively new concept. This type of tattoo is very detailed and it involves the usage of thin needles. All tiny lines need precision and that’s what thin needles offer.

17. Matching sugar skulls on thighs


Sugar skulls are popular tattoos. They drift from the Day of the Dead, which is a celebration that commemorates the dead. It is not celebrated throughout the world, but it has become known thanks to thigh tattoos and other tattoos alike. They are usually very colored, but this girl decided to just go black and white.

18. The magical carousel in watercolor


Carousels are magical for many of us, including this delicate woman. She opted for a more graphic version and watercolor rather than going for a realistic image. This surely reminds her of her childhood.

19. The mystical thigh owl


Creatures of the night, owls look too cute to handle. This chick thinks so too and decided to keep it relatively hidden since she tattooed it on her thigh. The design is simple and concise. 

20. The compass points north


Compasses could be a metaphor for guidance, not only orientation. Regardless of the true meaning of this tattoo, it is nicely inked.

21. The wolf vs. the deer


These two thigh tattoos present two of the most powerful animals from the animal kingdom. They are symmetric and both follow the same simplistic, but very effective drawing principles.

22. The deer that bursts with color


Deers don’t have expansive personalities, but when it comes to color, a little expansiveness doesn’t do any harm. On the contrary, they brighten up any image and highlight certain desires areas.

23. Sexy stockings hold a pistol


Stockings have always been fashionable, but also taboo. They are not the type of clothes that should be revealed in public. Combined with a pistol, they look both sexy and dangerous. Amazing lace work!

24. The controller of crows


The ink splash effect has been around for a few years and it has gained many adepts. A sexy girl on a sexy thigh is more than I can ask for!

25. Flowers and motivation in words


This girl isn’t kidding with her tattoos! She seems to want to use all the available space she has on her thighs. She mainly likes roses and motivational quotes.

26. The pastel-colored owl


Pastel colors have a large number of fans, especially among the very young ones. It’s only natural to see adaptations like this one. Realism is sometimes overrated, don’t you think?

27. The Mandalian elephant


Enriched and nicely detailed, this Mandalian design fits in a very nice way on a woman’s thigh. It is wide and full of symbols that can be translated in numerous spiritual ways.

28. Real vs. surreal


When real meets surreal, the result can be seen in the picture above. It might look unfinished, but it is.

29. Pictorial flowers dripping


The way the color drips from these two pictorial flowers looks like there was a surplus of ink. You know it was not, but I wish it really was.

30. Wild flowers embellishing skin


Regardless of their types, flowers are feminine. They embellish skin in general and enhance the skin of a woman. Wild flowers are nicely colored and simple to duplicate.

31. Queen elephant and king wolf


Following the same idea previously seen with the deer and the wolf, this chick opted for an elephant and a wolf, nicely decorated with rubies. Their symmetry and colors are awesome!

32. The snake that smells flowers


Tattooed using a very naive technique, this snake looks like it smells the red flowers. Thigh tattoos like this one look a few years old.

33. Red Betta fish


Probably a memorial tattoo, this one consists in the image of a red Betta fish. This kind is an aquarium fish easy to take care of, but sadly that dies in one year.

34. The dream catcher wolf


Native American culture offers numerous tattoo ideas. Here we have a dream catcher, roses and the face of a wolf. Black and white ink worked best!

35. The Native American elephant


The elephant is such a gentle creature, that is hard to associate with other elements. This girl pulled it off by combining it with a crown made of feathers and a flower. All inked flawlessly! 

36. An ornamental octopus


Animal tattoos are widely spread, just as thigh tattoos. Most of them are unique and they lack decorative elements like this one has. I bet it looks better when not seen upside down.

37. Highly ornamental wolf face


Covering this girl’s almost entire thigh, the presented wolf face is highly ornamental. It is slightly colored and very detailed.

38. Animal friendship inked version


The Internet is full of presentations of unlikely friendships between animals. It’s more about pets, but such friendships exist both in nature and inked in human skin.

39. The portrait of an Asian woman


Multiculturality is often met in tattoos. The fascination for the Asian culture is nicely tattooed in black and white on this woman’s thigh.

40. Flowers and a butterfly


The butterfly looks like the most recent tattoo on this chick’s thigh. It is positioned close to a couple of roses and other nicely tattooed elements.

41. The dragon that rules the leg


Thigh tattoos don’t usually spread all over the leg, but this person got a leg sleeve that tells an Asian story. All the elements, including the dragon are part of the Asian tattoos category. Pretty awesome, am I right?

42. Nautical wonders of the thigh


An old school design, this nautical tattoo fits perfectly on a girl’s thigh. It is vividly colored and according to classical tattooing standards.

43. The beauty and the beast


These are two contrasting thigh tattoos. The one on the left presents the beauty and the one on the right presents the beast. They look tattooed by the same tattoo artist.

44. The mesmerizing mermaid


Mermaids are fascinating and they make great tattoo ideas. This one is colorless, but it expresses deep emotion thanks to the lining and the shading work.

45. With love for Texas


Another old school tattoo, this one is made of love for Texas. We don’t know what Texas is for this great girl, but I bet it’s something important even if it’s about the state.

46. The Moon and the Sun


The Moon and the Sun often appear together because they are considered opposites. One brings the light and the other one the dark. This tattoo is intensely colored.

47. Creatures of the night


Don’t think about vampires and werewolves! These tattoos comprise an owl and a nocturnal bird. She is definitely an animal lover since she has other animals tattooed on her legs. Colored tattoos seem to be her thing.

48. The wolf that howls


Native Americans have deep respect for wolves. This is probably the reason why the feathers belong near the wolf. He howls at the hidden moon in a realistic manner.

49. The moth caught in the mandala


If you think about the symbolism of the moth and the mandala, you might not make the connection. What it matters is that, visually speaking, this tattoo looks amazing on her thigh.

50. Creepy characters look better colored


As you can easily notice, this girl likes creepy characters and colors. She has probably decided on a theme for her legs. If she keeps using so much color, then the result will be mind-blowing!

51. Daria and her best friend


Daria and her best friend, Jane are cool tattoo ideas regardless of body area. They are the representatives of youth during the ’90s. The chosen tattooing style is old school.

52. Gentle unicorn accessorized with diamonds


A fabulous leg piece, this tattoo shows the image of a gentle unicorn inked in a realistic manner. It is accessorized with diamonds and flowers. There is also a red mandala above its head.

53. A serene landscape at night


The view of a forest at night is something that calms people down. When in need of such landscape, this girl can just take a look at her thigh. How convenient is that?

54. Sailing on swirling waters


A sophisticated woman should have at least one traditional tattoo. This girl knew how to choose an awesome nautical tattoo for her thigh. The design is basic and the colors too. However, such tattoo never gets old.

55. Woman with deer antlers


A neo-traditional tattoo this time, it depicts a woman with deer antlers. The colors are according to standard old school tattoos. I especially like the green hue. I’m really curious what’s the name of that shade!

56. Naive, etching-like tattoos


There are not many fans of this tattooing style out there. It is considered naive and etching-like. I think it’s for one’s dark side. Do you like it? The symbols aren’t new or rare, but the style itself is.

57. Another woman with deer antlers


Thigh tattoos are usually diversified, but I guess women really love portraits of other women with deer antlers. They do look great, I have nothing against them! Femininity can be expressed in many different ways!

58. The fir tree and the moon


Framed thigh tattoos are very popular. As you’ve already seen so far, many girls go for such designs. The fir tree and the moon fit perfectly in the frame, don’t you think? She seems to like crystals too! Maybe she’ll get a crystal tattoo someday as well!

59. Thigh potted plant


A tattoo with a less obvious meaning, this potted plant is a little too small for my taste. Unless she has a bigger plan for her thigh, this will look pretty plain. However, I’m sure this is just the beginning of something awesome!

60. Pretty fox and poppy


Pretty animals are all over and when we have them tattooed, they become part of us. Such a pretty fox would enlighten my day. The poppy flowers are beautifully inked too!

61. An elongated mandala


Thigh tattoos representing mandalas are popular as well. The infinity of the universe is a symbol used often. Mandalas aren’t all the same. In fact, there is an online mandala generator that you can use to create yours!

62. Alice in Wonderland on thigh


This mirror shows what happens in Wonderland, where Alice is. The tattoo is cartoonish and looks adorable! The famous cat that guides Alice through Wonderland is also part of thigh tattoos with her.

63. Beware of the lion


Realism has conquered the hearts of many tattoo passionate people. It is worthy of all appreciation. I think this portrait of a lion is a very good example. Just look at the details! The goal of every tattoo artist is to achieve such results.

64. Neo-traditional owl staring at you


Sometimes owls have creepy looks in their eyes. This is one of those owls. A neo-traditional tattoo, it highlights well-defined shapes and puts emphasis on brown shades. The key is somehow geometrized and it means access to answers.

65. Lingerie tattooed on thigh


Pieces of lingerie like the one above are so sexy that you can get them tattooed and feel sexy all the time. They won’t get old in the near future, so this is a sure choice when you want to enhance your look. Amazing usage of the white ink!

66. The elephant with a web page address


If you ask me, the web page address situated above the elephant is a joke. I don’t think she actually got a tattoo with the address of a webpage. Do you? As for the elephant, it is simply gorgeous! Gray ink did well on it!

67. Mermaid looking up to her wearer as other thigh tattoos


Mermaids are mythical creatures with the kind of look that makes them perfect to get inked on the body of both women and men. The combination of blue, purple and green is very appealing and the fact that she is looking up makes her even more interesting.

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