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81 Unicorn Tattoos – Where Magic and Mysticism Meet

Unicorns are magical and mystic creatures considered products of imagination. However, it’s said that only certain people can see unicorns and when they do, they can wish for anything in the world and their wish will be granted. Seen as white horses with spiral-shaped horns protruding from their heads, unicorns have the ability to travel whenever and wherever they like. What differences them from other creatures that are two-horned, is just that; the lack of one horn makes unicorns symbols of Unity that aren’t bound to matter or duality. All of these and many other arguments have been determining people to get unicorn tattoos for over a decade.

The physical appearance of unicorns is so amazing and fascinating that few people passionate about tattoos resist the urge to have it inked. Unicorn tattoos can be adapted to various tattooing styles, such as watercolor, geometric and realistic. In this case, the future owner’s personality jumps in and defines the final result. Unlike common belief, tattoos that depict unicorns aren’t for ladies only. They aren’t always pink or in the colors of the rainbow. A unicorn’s skull has proved to be a subject of interest for certain individuals and some even thought of the zombie version of a unicorn.
A perfectly spiritual beast, according to the Chinese tradition, the unicorn’s image has been altered throughout time. Glitter might be a nice addition for coquette girls out there, but what’s more important is to incorporate an illogical hunch into a design that breathes enchantment and spirituality regardless of design. Whether it’s gallant unicorns, koi-fish unicorns or zombie unicorns, unicorn tattoos look fabulous and have personalized meanings for every wearer. As it follows, you’ll browse through 32 top notch tattoo ideas that will serve as inspiration for your future charming tattoos!

1. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind1280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind is a movie from 2004 starring Jim Carrey. It’s about a love story that doesn’t end as bright and as colorful as this tattoo is. Unicorn tattoos can have deep meanings too.

2. The tiny child unicorn tattoo21280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

This unicorn is so cute and fluffy that it’s irresistible! Purple and green and great colors for it because they make it look cartoonish.

3. Zombie rush affects unicorns in unicorn tattoos22280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

Since we live in a decade when zombie movies appear frequently and many individuals think of a zombie apocalypse, it’s only natural to see the version of a unicorn going zombie. The crazy eyes and bloody mouth are enough signs to tell us that this creature is no longer peaceful. Stay away from the zombie bite!

4. The unicorn princess23280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

Unicorn tattoos for girls are pretty like this one. The red ribbon is a nice addition to all the other ornaments. What a cool hairdo, isn’t it?

5. Purple-haired unicorn tattoo design24280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

The classical unicorn went through some changes thanks to a toy line called My Little Pony. Unicorn tattoos that are loyal to the image created by Earth ponies are numerous. This isn’t the case though, but the information I provided can help you understand these changes better. Purple-haired and a jewelry lover, this one-horned creature is happy and looks great among tiny hearts and diamonds. One fun fact about a unicorn’s horn is that it’s harder than diamond.

6. Splashing the unicorn with watercolors25280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

When you combine the realistic tattooing style and the watercolor technique, you get this amazing result! A little on the sad side, it looks very appealing to me!

7. Day of the Dead unicorn26280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

The face paint on this unicorn and the fact that its skeleton is showing means that the person who drew this design is a fan of the Day of the Dead. The latter is a Mexican celebration.

8. Awesomeness in every galaxy27280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

Of a breathtaking beauty, the unicorn is really well seen. Few people wouldn’t dare to say that it’s probably worthy of admiration in every existing galaxy. Mesmerizing and mighty, this unicorn is running through an environment full of stars and void of black holes. Kudos to the tattoo artist who pulled off such an amazing color work!

9. Finding the pot of gold28280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

In fact, who needs the pot of gold from the end of the rainbow when you have an absolutely adorable unicorn instead? A playful and colorful tattoo, this one sends an optimistic message to its owner and anyone who looks at it. This must be a very flexible unicorn! I guess they evolve as well!

10. The rainbow-horned unicorn29280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

Rainbow colors are often associated with unicorns. In this case, they were used on its horn. Its face doesn’t look satisfied though. What could be the reason?

11. Geometry and enchantment in unicorn tattoos30280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

Any shape is based on geometric figures. Without volume, the third dimension, a horse, a unicorn and any other animal would look like this. Stylish and colored mainly with warm shades, this representation is unique thanks to the watercolor use. Great choice for a chest tattoo! Where would you get yours?

12. Winged unicorn as back piece 31280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

One more detail about unicorns: it seems they have wings and they can fly! I’m not saying this because of this tattoo. According to the lore, unicorns leave almost no trace because they rarely step on the earth. The meaning of the flowers inked below is probably purity and innocence.

13. Sugar-induced intelligence and cuteness32280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

Despite the lore that presents unicorns as very intelligent and peaceful beings, there are unicorn tattoos associated with royalty, candy and cuteness. Every princess would like a unicorn like this one. As long as it’s a dream and it doesn’t harm anybody, I’d say go for it! Cute, fluffy things are good for our peace of mind and a pleasure to look at. I really appreciate the various shades of pink used to color this design!

14. Black-eyed unicorn is noble 33280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

Jewelries are sign of nobility, but I’m sure the black eyes are just a personal preference. In fact, the lore has it that unicorn eyes are sky blue or purple haze. Their hooves are usually the same color as their eyes. As improbable as this may sound, so does the appearance of a unicorn decorated with jewelry on its body. However, jewelry seems to accentuate its noblesse.

15. The cherries and the unicorn34280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

If you keep browsing through unicorn tattoos, you’ll se that they are associated with very varied things. This lady chose to get cherries inked by it.

16. The last unicorn35280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

Appeared in 1982, The last unicorn is an animated musical. In order to understand this tattoo, you should know that, in the movie, a really evil person, King Haggard, wanted to destroy all unicorns from the planet. As you can see, this unicorn looks innocent and inoffensive. A really successful tattoo I might say!

17. Old school unicorn flatters skin36280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

The technique used to ink this unicorn design is old school. This girl is pretty on her own, but she somehow gets prettier with the unicorn tattoo on her, don’t you think?

18. Stylish unicorn loves roses37280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

I can’t help but notice the hairstyle of this unicorn. In case it’s a she, then she is very stylish. The roses addition and the colors used are pretty great!

19. Crawling on thy arm38280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

It’s said that only pure people can see and touch a unicorn. This simple outlined tattoo makes me think this person is worthy.

20. A story of nature39280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

This person is definitely a lover of nature and animals. She chose to tell nature’s story on her back. She also included a golden unicorn. I think the style could be characterized as old school.

21. Glittery rainbow horsey for girls 40280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

Even though history refers to unicorns as white horses with one, spiral shaped horn; it looks like modern storytelling has made its mark. What defines girly these days is the color pink and glitter. So, this is a very cute tattoo that flatters any young lady who wants to highlight her innocent side. The design itself is very pretty and the tattoo work is nice and clean. The glitter effect is actually impressive, don’t you think?

22. Tiny unicorn is grey41280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

Considering the body part chosen by this person, this tattoo had to be tiny. However, it is nice enough and well colored with grey.

23. The unicorn in shiny armor42280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

Portraying a unicorn as a knight is not common, but as a tattoo it is quite rad! Notice the short beard? That’s an ancient sign of unicorns.

24. Mesmerizing composition with realistic unicorn 69280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

Now is the time to see a few tattoos that don’t only show a unicorn, but they are also embellished with other elements. In this case, the other elements are flowers, diamonds and abstract shapes. Tattoos like this one require complex thinking and many hours of inking. There’s no way this was done in only one sitting. The result is simply breathtaking!

25. Surreal purple-horned creature44280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

A leg tattoo that could leave many of us breathless, this one is out of the charts. Vivid colors and a successful attempt of expressing the creature’s feelings!

26. Going tribal on the unicorn tattoos45280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

Basically, a unicorn is a horse with a spiral-shaped horn, so it can be drawn in any desired style. As you can notice, this particular design contains tribal elements. There were times when men used to get inked using tribal drawings only. The chosen location is not so painful, so I’d give it a try since it looks pretty good!

27. Magical unicorn framed artistically46280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

A feminine detail, the ornamental frame from this design matches the magical creature inside it. Blue and sparkly, this one-honed horsey has an innocent look on its face. Cartoonish tattoos go hand in hand with unicorn tattoos. They are original because they contain elements suited for each wearer. Vivid colors and attention to details are among this tattoo’s characteristics.

28. Swirly unicorn portrait in gray47280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

Swirls and sparkling things are covering this unicorn’s gray face. Beautiful line and dot work!

29. Believe they are real48280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

A leg tattoo and a message are somehow connected. Unicorns and other beings are real if you believe they are real. However, not as real as this cool tattoo!

30. A wandering unicorn49280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

Unicorn tattoos don’t really fit on wrists because they require lots of details. This is a simplified drawing of such creature that turned out nicely as a tat.

31. A happy unicorn68280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

There’s something about this tattoo that makes the unicorn look happy. It’s so simple, yet so complex when it comes to the emotions it can generate!

32. Unicorns for outer space 75280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

Unicorns could be from outer space; from a world filled with joy, rainbows and sparkling things. Nice, fluffy effects given by shading and proper ink choice!

33. The gallant unicorn head52280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

Jeanne Saar is the genius who created this gallant unicorn head. Unicorn tattoos that are custom made have more value. She combined various cool elements in other to obtain it. Creative people are the best! It goes without saying that the lining and the shading are just perfect! Placed on a woman’s forearm, it is a nice addition to her body.

34. An atypical unicorn53280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

Not all unicorns are the same, just as not all people have good taste when it comes to art. Atypical enough, this horsey is half-unicorn, half something else.

35. A beautiful feminine unicorn54280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

It’s amazing how much can be achieved with a little black and white ink! A beautiful and feminine unicorn looks just right on a woman’s leg.

36. Royalty and mightiness in one 55280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

As you can see, two women chose their favorite animal and had it inked on the back of their legs. The one on the right chose a royal and mighty unicorn. Which one do you like better?

37. Unicorn magic is known to bind56280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

Getting matching tattoos is a fantastic idea and it works in case of unicorn tattoos as well! As you can see in this image, two ladies who are probably best friends decided to get similar ink. Both unicorns are cotton candy-sweet and look beautiful on their fingers, complimenting their slenderness. The colors are vibrant and the lines are precise. Would you do this with your bff?

38. Golden-framed rainbow unicorn57280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

Some unicorn tattoos pay tribute to colorful tattoos. This is one of those times when you could get lost just by looking at it.

39. Complimenting a birthmark 58280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

This person’s birthmark looked like the shape of a unicorn, so she did a very bright thing and actually got a tattoo of a unicorn underneath her birthmark.

40. Flying unicorn behind the ear59280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

Attractive and simple, this flying unicorn was easy to do and also painless!

41. Black and white mystical being60280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

While the horn of a unicorn is known to have healing powers, its blood kills. It kills every form of life that it touches. Unicorns are peaceful, but they have some defense mechanisms that are impossible to beat. A shattered unicorn is not a good sign, but the view of it is quite interesting. A black and white tattoo, this one takes you to another dimension.

42. The sort of skull of a unicorn61280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

Skulls are popular right now for Halloween and for tattoos. Skull tattoos and unicorn tattoos shouldn’t have anything in common, but someone has managed to sort of merge them. If you take the image of a horse’s skull and combine it with a horn, you’ll get a unicorn skull that looks harmless and creepy at the same time. The lining work is excellent!

43. Unicorn witnessing the world62280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

Theoretically, unicorns have been around for so long, that they have witnessed all the wars and destructions, as well as all the good things that have happened. Besides the amazing ink work, unicorn tattoos are so complex, that they deserve lots of attention and appreciation. Would you opt for such a piece?

44. Fancy thigh creature is magical71280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

With pink hair and hair jewelry, this magical horsey is a nice accessory for this woman’s thigh. The rose is pretty too.

45. Mystical creature beautifully groomed73280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

Unicorn tattoos depict all kinds of unicorns. This one is especially beautiful because it is groomed. The colors are cold, but still appealing.

46. Perfection meets unicorn65280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

The triangle, the unicorn and the galaxy background all fit perfectly together because they are all close to the notion of perfection. It’s a masterpiece of the artist who inked it!

47.  Kindness and naivety in an animal

This design expresses kindness and naivety. Only a professional tattoo artist is able to pull off such tat. I like the smudges, they bring a fresh perspective.

48. Pastel perfection in a one-horned horse

Pastel colors are feminine and they make a good pair with flowers, ribbons and unicorns. This is a recipe for unicorn tattoos greatness.

49. The one-horned finger76280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

If you cut off a unicorn’s horn, it dies. No exceptions. However, this horn is a visual treat for its wearer and others who see it.

50. Mysterious four-legged appearance74280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

Among all unicorn tattoos, this is one that focuses on its mysterious side. Combined with the serene feeling of a peaceful night, the image of this unicorn expresses just the opposite. Standing on two legs, it is portrayed on the edge of a precipice. Wild and indomitable, it retains an unexplainable feminine essence. The shading work and the highlights are amazing in this ink job!

51. Rainbow puke beats grossness

An etching figure of a unicorn and puke coming out of its mouth shouldn’t be nice to look at! However, it doesn’t make me think of anything gross. The horsey is drawn like a sketch, which is a good thing because the emphasis is on the rainbow. I guess even puking is adorable when it comes to unicorn tattoos.

52. The multicolored creature of the Gods

Let’s be honest. Does the unicorn seem like an earthly creature? I don’t think so. It’s said the unicorn is a creature of the Gods. This tattoo is not only unconventional, but also original!

53. A portrait of endless meaning80280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

Did you know that Marco Polo confused rhinoceros with unicorn? He actually believed it was a very ugly creature that wasn’t as expected. Well, without saying that a rhinoceros is not pretty, here’s a divine colored portrait of a unicorn. Inked using the watercolor technique, its beauty is rare.

54. The Pegasus unicorn 

Is it just me, or this looks like a Pegasus unicorn? Does Pegasus exist? What about unicorns? If they do exist, then this design makes perfect sense. Interspecies mating isn’t impossible, so this would be the result. Do you like this original interpretation?

55. Rainbowish finger decoration83280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

Rings are replaced by finger tattoos more and more often. I’d say that a unicorn makes an excellent ring replacement when inked so well!

56. Classic unicorn embellishes wrist20280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

This kind of unicorn looks classical. It is too little to find more clues, but overall its line work is clean and precise.

57. The unicorn with big eyes85280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

Big eyes represent innocence. Big eyes on an unicorn represent double innocence. Horse-like and oh so adorable, this unicorn was a great choice for a tat!

58. When beauty meets beauty86280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

Unicorns are strikingly beautiful just like butterflies are. The most natural conclusion to these facts would be that unicorn tattoos are strikingly beautiful too.

59. Beautiful and fragile unicorn87280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

Beauty and fragility often go hand in hand. When you add flowers as well, it all becomes more beautiful than you can imagine. Doable just with needles and ink!

60. Believe in yourself88280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

When in need of motivation, take a look at unicorn tattoos! This one is not a masterpiece, but it can most certainly lift up your spirits!

61. Falling in love with colors89280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

If this tattoo isn’t full of color, I don’t know which is! Among so much shading and bright colors, the unicorn is just a simple element.

62. Realistic black and white one-horned horsey

Compared to the other examples of unicorn tattoos, this one is more serious. It’s about the head of a unicorn, drawn in a realistic style. The tattoo artist only used black, white and gray shades to materialize a half-chest piece that’s worthy of consideration. Finally, a unicorn that inspires intelligence, purity and greatness! Chest tattoos are painful in both men and women, so remember to think twice before getting one!

63. Puffy interstellar uni-horn 92280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

The origin of a uni-horn is not known. It could be from another planet or a whole different galaxy. This tattoo explains it all very well!

64. Pictorial portrait of a unicorn93280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

Part of a sleeve, this tattoo is pictorial. It encompasses blue shades, as well as black and white.

65. Unicorn girl with wings94280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

The ribcage is not a fun area to get tattooed on. However, it’s all worth it when the result is such a cute unicorn girl with wings.

66. Pretty going old school95280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

The word pretty should define unicorns. They look pretty in any style and circumstance. This is the living proof.

67. The 2D unicorn

Geometry is so complex, that you can build a 2D unicorn with it. Drawing a few lines is all this tattoo needs to come to life!

68. Green unicorn with pink hair98280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

A girly vision depicts a green unicorn with pink hair framed in a decorative way. Flowers are included!

69. Diamonds, diamonds everywhere

The connection between unicorns and diamonds comes from the hardness of the unicorn’s horn. This is just a great way of explaining it with images!

70. Rainbow-colored unicorn on foot101280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

The ankle and the foot belonging to this woman are nicely complimented by her choice in tattoo. She went for a rainbow-colored unicorn with a beautiful shade gradation and a facial expression that makes me think of kindness. Is this the way you imagine unicorns as well? The eye color isn’t according to the lore, but hey everyone is free to create their own fantasy creature!

71. Another noble unicorn102280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

Inking such tattoo is not easy or painless for the customer. But, who wouldn’t want the image of a noble creature on his or her thigh?

72. Beware the wrath of the unicorn2280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

Excellent metallic effect and facial expression are this tattoo’s main features. I don’t understand its anger though.

73. Baby unicorn as ring3280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

Baby unicorns are so incredibly cute that I dare you to resist the urge of getting one just like this!

74. The uniqueness of the horn

Except their magical powers, unicorns are unique thanks to their horn. This is a tattoo with a message!

75. A double colored galaxy for uni-horn9280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

Galaxies and uni-horns are so great, they belong together! This tattoo says it all!

76. Thigh unicorns are feminine10280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

Women tend to opt for their thighs when it comes to having unicorns inked. I think it’s an excellent choice!

77. Long-horned mystical animal


The horn of this mystical animal is not accurate because it should be shaped like a spiral. Other than that, it meets all standards as a leg tattoo.

78. White unicorn on foot

White ink tattoos are harder to do than colored tattoos. However, this tattoo artist managed to obtain a fabulous result!

79. Fantasy unicorn and a surreal rose

We have already established that there are no color limits when it comes to unicorns. This particular design is awesome from many points of view. First of all, the creature is dark green and realistic. Its color is a complementary shade that goes really well with purple. That’s most probably the reason of its choice. Second of all, the rose is a symbol of life, depicted in a surreal way. Life and longevity go hand in hand.

80. A drago-unicorn that conquers all15280116-unicorn-tattoo-designs

The drago-unicorn is king and conquers all in this magical land inked on someone’s back. There are a multitude of details and artistic marks.

81. A very passionate unicorn

Red is undoubtedly the color of passion. This fact is accepted by all cultures and successfully used in various types of expressions. According to heraldic symbolism, some unicorns have red or black horns. So, this lady’s choice was probably influenced by a combination of the two. Contouring with other color than black is not common in the tattoo world. However, as you may see, red goes just as well!

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