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62 White Ink Tattoos – The Discrete Side Of Permanent Body Artwork and Its Perks

White ink tattoos are very controversial. You’ll find numerous cons regarding them if you look them up online. However, if you follow a few basic rules and you know what to expect, you won’t have any unpleasant surprises. White ink tattoos require much more care than other tattoos and they are not ideal for everybody.

First of all, if your skin is dark and if you have freckles, you are not the perfect candidate for white ink tattoos. You might think that the white color will pop-up if inked in darker skin, but the truth is that darker skin responds to the effects of the sun immediately. UV rays are the ultimate enemies of tattoos, so that’s unwanted.

The whiter and paler your skin is, the better white ink tattoos will look on it. Even if they will not be too visible, they will look classy, weightless or like a very cute scar. In addition, if you like to go clubbing, the white ink from your skin will light up like a bulb. We all know how white clothes look like under black light, so imagine the same effect with your tattoo.

Second of all, if you expect a high-impact tattoo, you will be disappointed. White ink tattoos tend to fade away quicker than tattoos inked using dark shades. They are the kind of tattoos that your mom will not notice unless you want her to. Such body art may look amazing even if it’s discreet.

As it follows, you’ll see some white ink tattoos that will either convince you to get one or help you decide they are not for you. The most inked designs are graphic, but there are exceptions as well. However, white ink is not made for very complex designs that require a lot of details or shading.

1. Believe in the power of white ink

white-ink-tattoos- 12111572

The power of the word contained by this tattoo is strong inked in white, as well as inked in black. The only difference is that white ink looks more discrete and somehow delicate.

2. White ink tattoos serving as sleeve

white-ink-tattoos- 12111510

This beautiful redheaded girl got a sleeve made entirely off white ink. The designs she chose are graphic and pretty simple, but the effect is quite impressive! Let’s hope the ink will not fade away!

3. The simplicity of a symbol in white

white-ink-tattoos- 12111511

White ink tattoos that refer to such a pure aspect as faith are often met. If you think about it, white fits best in cases like this. This person’s skin is dark and she chose to get a tattoo on her finger, so she might not enjoy it for too long.

4. White traces of paws

white-ink-tattoos- 12111512

I think the point of this tattoo was to be discreet because otherwise, in real life, a pet’s paws will almost never be so clean. A pet puts its mark on our lives anyway, so the type of the ink used is not really important. Would you go for the white or the black version?

5. A weightless snowflake on wrist

white-ink-tattoos- 12111513

White ink tattoos look weightless. They look like there is really something on the skin. Let’s take this snowflake for example. It looks like it lies on her wrist, doesn’t it? The hue is a little altered to look baby blue.

6. The outline of vertebras

white-ink-tattoos- 12111514

Definitely not a tattoo design you will meet again, the outline of vertebras tattooed on vertebras using white ink looks interesting. I wonder what the reason behind this tattoo was.

7. The outline of a half moon

white-ink-tattoos- 12111515

This person’s skin looks freshly tattooed, so it is irritated. I don’t think we can judge the result of a tattoo before it gets healed. It might not be a perfect half moon, but I’m sure it will look pretty enough.

8. The dove that lives on a finger

white-ink-tattoos- 12111516

White ink tattoos that depict pure things are popular. The color white is more suited for such designs than for others that have nothing to do with purity.

9. Buddhist symbol in the name of faith

white-ink-tattoos- 12111517

The outcome of white ink tattoos is sometimes a pattern that looks like a scar. This is the case of the Buddhist symbol from this image. It might not be completely white, but its purpose is met.

10. Pure at heart tattoo

white-ink-tattoos- 12111518

The combination between the shape of a heart and the color white makes me think of a kind and pure heart. Even if this tattoo is tiny, it can express so many good things! I wouldn’t back off from something like this!

11. A fierce lion accompanies in spirit

white-ink-tattoos- 12111519

This tattoo is freshly inked as well. You can see the blue marks from the marker used to draw the design before inking. So, the final result might be different, but for me it looks like a lion’s spirit.

12. Looking for clues in ink

white-ink-tattoos- 12111520

White ink tattoos are sometimes hard to notice. In case of this girl, you really have to look for clues on her skin that would lead to a complete image of a tattoo. Did you find it? I did!

13. Inked heart-shaped ring

white-ink-tattoos- 12111521

Admit it, the ring finger is one of the best body parts you can get a heart-shaped tattoo on! I love this idea even if it is not original. Too pretty to handle!

14. An arrow to elongate the finger

white-ink-tattoos- 12111522

White ink tattoos won’t blow off your chance for a job. Not even when you have some on your fingers. This Native American design looks cool in white!

15. A memory of Cupid in white

white-ink-tattoos- 12111523

Literally and figuratively speaking, having your heart pierced by an arrow must be unpleasant. It does look pretty because Cupid was adorable regardless of his actions.

16. A star like Converse’s

white-ink-tattoos- 12111524

Only a true Converse fan would get such tattoo and make it obvious. I don’t necessarily associate stars with Converse, but I might start doing that from now on! It’s nice to see that people are really passionate about certain things.

17. An extra diamond shine

white-ink-tattoos- 12111525

Like this person didn’t have enough accessories to shine on his or her face,  now he or she does have an extra diamond! White ink tattoos are preferred for exposed body parts such as hands and faces. This tattoo looks a little yellow because it was exposed to the sun.

18. The spiral that spreads

white-ink-tattoos- 12111526

A few people think this tattoo looks like a skin disease. I have to disagree because the skin is not healed, so it’s natural to look like something is wrong with it. I like the spiral and the various-sizes circles too!

19. Together we are one

white-ink-tattoos- 12111527

This is another happy ring finger! Inked with the symbol from the Harry Potter series, it refers to unity. Their motto is Together we are one.

20. & goes behind the ear

white-ink-tattoos- 12111528

I must admit it. This is the first time I see this character tattooed separately behind someone’s ear. The fact that it is white makes it even more unique. What do you think? I’d really like to know what it means for her.

21. The wings of an angel

white-ink-tattoos- 12111529

The pattern itself is preferred by numerous people. However, not many had the courage to have it inked in white. White ink tattoos that spread on such a large portion of skin are rare.

22. The moon and the sun

white-ink-tattoos- 12111530

A tiny wrist tattoo, this one consists in the shape of the moon and the shape of the sun. The designs are very accurate, but this doesn’t look bad at all!

23. White ink symbols embellishing the hand

white-ink-tattoos- 12111531

I am tempted to believe that this person isn’t actually tattooed. The symbols are placed randomly and the white color looks too opaque to be true.

24. The outline of World’s map

white-ink-tattoos- 12111532

The Pinterest generation has made tattoos like this one very popular. I have seen this kind of tattoo on many adolescent girls who like classy and meaningful things. I approve!

25. What is your spirit animal?

white-ink-tattoos- 12111533

It’s said that everyone has a spirit animal and you can find out which one is yours by taking a very simple test online. This girl found out which is her spirit animal and got herself a tattoo with it. White ink was the only reasonable option for a spirit animal, right?

26. The flowing line of love

white-ink-tattoos- 12111534

White ink tattoos under the form of text or a flowing line that forms both text and shapes are cool too! Here is an example that proves it!

27. Discreet ornamental white ink tattoos

white-ink-tattoos- 12111535

White ink that looks natural is desired by both men and women. Their wanted effect is not the image of altered skin, but the image of ornaments that look innate, just like birth marks.

28. Half moon rising on finger

white-ink-tattoos- 12111536

A half moon is a nice symbol that can be easily tattooed on small body parts. This one looks slightly yellow. Besides exposing white ink to the sun, there are other reasons for white ink that goes yellow, such as various skin problems.

29. Concentric dot work

white-ink-tattoos- 12111537

This is not the dot technique used to ink complex tattoos, but just a bunch of tiny balls that lie in concentric positions. However, their effect is quite unexpected for me! Sadly, such tattoos don’t last a lifetime!

30. All phases of the Moon

white-ink-tattoos- 12111538

Both flattering and visually appealing, the phases of the moon make great designs for tattoos. This blonde babe made a very inspired choice when she got them inked on her spine.

31. White tattoo ink feels like Braille

white-ink-tattoos- 12111539

If the ink is inserted deep enough into skin, then you can actually feel it when you touch the skin and after the tattoo is healed. This is a good technique for those who want Braille tattoos.

32. A stag that looks like Jaggermeister’s

white-ink-tattoos- 12111540

Are you familiar with the stag with a cross between its horns from the Jaggermeister’s bottle? I think this tattoo looks just like that, minus the cross between its horns. Cool idea regardless of its meaning!

33. Side face mandala in white

white-ink-tattoos- 12111541

The combination between white ink, side face tattoos and mandalas is extremely popular. All of these elements are popular on their own, not to mention when they are brought all together.

34. White crown for the white queen

white-ink-tattoos- 12111542

This girl is so pale that you can barely see her tattoo. However, if you look close enough you will notice that she has the shape of a crown tattooed on her wrist. Royal enough, isn’t it?

35. The arrow pointing up

white-ink-tattoos- 12111543

According to the Native American heritage, the arrow pointig up doesn’t have the same meaning as the arrow pointing in any other direction. In this case, the arrow is inked behind a girl’s ear.

36. The Roman numeral MCMXCVI

white-ink-tattoos- 12111544

The Roman numeral MCMXCVI means 1996 in Arabic numbers. It goes without saying that this year is important to this beauty. Maybe it’s very personal and that’s why she got it in white.

37. A tattoo as light as a feather

white-ink-tattoos- 12111545

Is it just me or this feather looks like it’s about to reach this woman’s skin, but somehow it floats just above it? That’s thanks to the white ink details.

38. I love you too

white-ink-tattoos- 12111546

Love is the same in any language, but I must admit that it looks nicer written in French. Could it be that love is pure and that’s why she decided to go for white ink? I guess so!

39. Trust no one

white-ink-tattoos- 12111547

Just as good as inspirational and motivational tattoos, white ink tattoos deliver the same message. In this situation, the message is not really positive, but the outcome could be.

40. Elaborate mandala and other ornaments

white-ink-tattoos- 12111548

The nape of the neck and the back are common body parts that people get inked. White ink tattoos are a good idea for these areas because the sun doesn’t reach them too often. These ornaments are feminine and highly detailed.

41. I am no man

white-ink-tattoos- 12111549

…I am a seahorse. This is the only conclusion I could draw from this tattoo. The seahorse is adorable, so why not? Seriously now, this is close to a work of art viewed from an unconventional perspective.

42. The delicacy of white flowers and leaves

white-ink-tattoos- 12111550

The contour of these flowers and leaves adds a touch of femininity to this woman’s chest. They look so delicate and so fragile just because they are white. This is something to keep in mind.

43. The white anchor

white-ink-tattoos- 12111551

Steadfastness and hope are just 2 of the anchor’s meanings. They both fit to this tattoo, so there’s no need to analyze it in depth.

44. A mysterious tattoo

white-ink-tattoos- 12111552

One of the features white ink tattoos have is mystery. This is because one can never be certain or the design unless he or she takes a closer look. I have no idea what this girl got inked on her clavicle and shoulder. Do you? Even so, I find it interesting as a concept.

45. Abstract piece comes to life

white-ink-tattoos- 12111553

Black light is known to highlight white ink tattoos. This type of light is mostly met in clubs, but you can buy a source of such light for your home as well. Maybe for some people going clubbing reveals another side of them, a side that has tattoos.

46. A simple arrow tattoo

white-ink-tattoos- 12111554

You might be surprised how meaningful such tiny tattoos can be! Besides being so small, it is also white, so imagine how personal it is! On the other side, it might be just a test to feel how bad it hurts or not.

47. Cloudy on the Arm Street

white-ink-tattoos- 12111555

Now this is what I call absolutely adorable, cute and oh so pretty! An itsy bitsy cloud on one’s arm is not really a statement of any sort, but it’s sure a good idea for a laid-back white tattoo.

48. I must not tell lies

white-ink-tattoos- 12111556

Note to self: I must not tell lies. Plus a tattoo that will keep reminding me of what I mustn’t do. This person could be suffering from compulsive lying disorder, so this tattoo could not be funny at all.

49. Sparkling stars and a tree

white-ink-tattoos- 12111557

Mainly used for highlights in regular tattoos, white ink is very good for contouring as well. This tree and the stars don’t seem about to fade away. On the contrary, the curved lines are very precise.

50. Mountain peaks covered with snow

white-ink-tattoos- 12111558

A simplified drawing of mountain peaks covered with snow, this tattoo is also tiny. As you’ve seen so far, there are many fans of tiny tattoos out there. Are you one of them?

51. Half mandala on girl’s face

white-ink-tattoos- 12111559

Another killer combination, this one works best with alternative people. When image is not an issue, some people are free to change whatever they want at their bodies and add whatever makes them happy. I like her choice and her purple eyebrows!

52. This is the beat of my heart

white-ink-tattoos- 12111560

A pretty straightforward tattoo, it contains a message and the graphic explanation of a heart beat. It is placed on a person’s wrist, which is where you can feel his or her pulse fairly easily. I think this is a nice association!

53. Permanently painted hand

white-ink-tattoos- 12111561

Asian women do this to their hands all the time, but the paint they are using is not permanent and it doesn’t involve the usage of needles. They usually use henna, a pigment that is multifunctional. This is not something you’ll see on men.

54. A dove for more hope

white-ink-tattoos- 12111562

Doves only represent positive things, so a tattoo with a dove is more than welcome. Doves are white, so this tattoo is not only accurate, but also pretty and inspiring.

55. The Sol key for music lovers

white-ink-tattoos- 12111563

The Sol key is a common symbol for music lovers. Whether a music player or just a passionate listener, this person doesn’t need more than the Sol key to express himself or herself. White ink tattoos are a great fit for wrists.

56. A bird that flies free

white-ink-tattoos- 12111564

Simple, concise and white, this tattoo is feminine. It is obviously inked on the ribs of a female, so it is more than fitted. The lines are thin and slightly transparent. Some portions are opaque, while others tend to look transparent.

57. Together we are one for couples

white-ink-tattoos- 12111566

Couple tattoos are excellent ideas even when they are as contrasting as these two. Black isn’t good when it is reported to white. However, I don’t think they’ve put too much thought into that. Together they are one and that’s what really matters.

58. Accessorize skin with feathers

white-ink-tattoos- 12111567

Would you accessorize your skin with white ink tattoos? I know I would and this example convinced me! It’s crazy how simplicity can look so dazzling and discrete at the same time. Her choice in body part is kind of painful, so think twice before getting inked there!

59. Half mandala behind the ear

white-ink-tattoos- 12111568

People used to get full mandalas on their backs and arms, but now they have a tendency to choose half mandalas and get them inked behind the ears or on their faces. I approve both kinds of decisions! They all look inspiring, no matter what!

60. White forearm mandala

white-ink-tattoos- 12111569

Speaking of full mandalas tattooed on forearms, here is one beautiful pattern. Mostly inked in red, mandalas are so rooted into spirituality, that they would look great in any color. Mandalas aren’t all the same. They can be personalized in terms of design and, of course, color.

61. Paper airplanes planning an attack

white-ink-tattoos- 12111570

Did you used to make paper airplanes when you were little? These look just like the ones I used to make! They are made of pure geometric shapes, but their charm comes from someplace else. Their very thin outline is made with black ink. A truly unique design!

62. All control is lost

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

Unfortunately, a part of the message from this woman’s arm is not visible. All we can see is something about her losing control. Well, she has her tattoo as a reminder, so I bet she’ll be alright. White ink tattoos are more personal than black ink tattoos. Also, they have a low impact on other people who, for some reason, don’t tolerate people with tattoos. Ink is empowering, so why give up on something beneficial?

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